Painting with Paper

Two posts for the price of one today, if you missed the first it’s here and it gives you another glimpse into my family.  There’s an interesting and sad story there, so do take a look.

This post shows an interesting technique that I often use either to start, or for a whole project.  I hope you will find it interesting, and that it might inspire you.

Sometimes a delicate ehereal background is needed at the start of a project.  That’s when I will use paper to paint!

You’ve seen my collages made with my hand-dyed paper, here’s one that you may well have already seen

I use a variety of papers, sometimes ‘found’ ones, but mostly my hand dyed.  Here’s another you may have seen that used found and dyed papers

Sometimes a dyed paper is oversaturated with dye.  I can do this intentionally, and then I get two for the price of one.  That’s what I did here

This is just pigment that has been transferred to background paper, in this instance watercolour.  The original dyed paper is then put safely to dry and can be used for collage etc on another day.  It won’t give another print, so the above is an ‘original’.  More colour can be added too

Yes, that’s tissue I’m using, and you can see how it changes during the process.  Let’s peel it back and see what happens

Pale and interesting!  A very interesting surface can be built up in this way.  It’s a bit ‘hit and miss’ until you get to grips with the technique, but it’s almost the ultimate recycling of art materials.

Here’s the page so far.

If you want to create your own papers for collage or anything (they are wonderful for scrapbooks too) I teach an online course that you can start at any time.

8 thoughts on “Painting with Paper

  1. I think my son’s Art 3 class is going to be doing “painting with paper” this semester, at least that’s what the teacher said on Back to School Night. Your work is beautiful. Peace, Linda


  2. Your collages are so delicate and beautiful. I love the papers you create too! Tonight I’m writing about your “paper fabric” tutorial. I hope you like my post. Thanks for your wonderful inspiration!


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