The perfect question

Last Tuesday was a fun day.  Apart from everything else we spent time with our 4 year old grandson.  We took him to Starbucks….

So?  What was the high spot of the visit for him?

Grandma stealing the froth from the top of Grandpa’s coffee while he wasn’t looking.  Grandma’s excuse?  It was for Grandson, not her!

What was the high spot of the visit for me?  Two chance questions that suddenly came from nowhere……

‘Grandma?  How do you make green?’

My answer was accepted and immediately followed with

‘But orange, how do you make orange?’

He’s coming again later…….

And guess what we are going to do.

I’ll post the real results tomorrow – providing I remember to take my camera!

Out of the mouths of babes and infants……..

5 thoughts on “The perfect question

  1. I’m confused now. First I thought how does a television do all the colours when it relies on RGB (red-green-blue) as it’s primary colours. then I thought red and yellow make orange, but your red look pink to me. then I thought. Am I colour blind? :

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