Can you answer this question?

Last week I spent several days looking after our little grand-daughter.  I had great fun, and I think she did too.  Each morning at about the same time we went for a walk.  Although the route varied we had to walk back along the same stretch of road – and guess what…..

The postman’s bag and bike was outside the same house each day for at least half an hour.  So, my question is…..

Why did the postman spend so long at number 25?

Answers on a postcard, please……

5 thoughts on “Can you answer this question?

  1. OO that way rumours start!
    Does he have two bags? Our postman leaves his bike to do part of the route, then returns for the second sack.


  2. In #25 lives an old class mate of the postman’s, and he has become a boozer. The postman has taken care of cashing his welfare check, and now his old friend is writing up a list of groceries he needs … he can’t walk to the grocery store himself because he has neuropathology.


  3. When I was a young girl, our milkman had the same ritual. Not sure when he arrived…not sure when he left. When I’d have to get up and pee in the middle of the night, I use to wonder why my mom was up…primping. Her hair was done…pretty nightgown…smelled nice…hmmmm. Clueless until my 2 siblings filled me in.

    I was devastated. We were upstanding Catholics. My mom was going straight to h–l. Boy did I glare at the milkman when I saw him at our school cafeteria delivering milk. He’d smile and wink, trying to be friendly. I wanted no part of him.

    When I was older, and married, I realized my mom must have ached for companionship since my dad died when I was one. He was 60; my mom, 30. She remained a widow the rest of her life. Now in my 60s, fortunate to be happily married to a good man, I am more compassionate looking backwards. I don’t condone the affair; but I no longer pass judgment either.

    …never know what goes on behind closed doors. 😉


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