There are some days….. and the weekly photochallenge

when it would be lovely to be somewhere else!  We’ve had a busy few days, and today was really busy and tiring.  I enjoyed it, but the picture above shows where I would rather have been!

I must go down to the seas again…..

Maybe next month!

The photograph above serves a double purpose.  Not only is it where my heart is today, it also features a rather interesting sky – just perfect for the weekly photo challenge!

11 thoughts on “There are some days….. and the weekly photochallenge

    1. It’s a beautiful little harbour on the west coast of Wales, Aberdovey. I won’t get back there until next year! It’s good to dream, however.


  1. Beautiful photo! It would be very relaxing to be drifting on calm waters in that little blue boat.


  2. Just a perfect, beautiful picture to drift away, forget life’s worries, to relax and be one with nature. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my Blog. The mind can take us to places our feet may never do. great post.


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