I love surprises

If it is a pleasant surprise, we all love them, don’t we?  If we don’t it’s usually because we don’t know the ‘right’ way to handle them, of course, that’s easy – just be ‘surprised’!  However, I have found a way to be surprised – and it’s so easy…..

As regular readers will know I’ve joined the WordPress postaday 2011.  Well, my first surprise is that I’m still here as I thought I would have run out of steam by 1st Feb, however, it is fun, and you know that I don’t always write much.  I have a busy life, and sometimes it is just good to sit down at the computer and prattle away.  I have masses of emails each day, and blogging is a little light relief, so I set aside 15 minutes each day to ‘record’ my entry.  Sometimes I can write more than one entry in that time, and so the ‘sheduled post’ is born.  In fact, this is one that I am writing now.  It means that I always have something in reserve for the days I’m either too busy, or not here and travelling.  (Now that you know this is a scheduled post you will be wondering if I’m here, won’t you.)

That’s the surprise.  Sometimes reading the blog is as much a surprise to me as it is to you.  I totally forget what’s coming.  Thursdays are the best, though, as I’m part of Thursday Challenge.  Not only do I get to see lots of lovely photographs on the same theme – I am also reminded that it’s Thursday and that the week is almost over!

Thanks for reading (and yes, I am here, just wrote it a day or so ago…)

4 thoughts on “I love surprises

  1. When I started this, I thought it would be easier than it is. I’d taken part in a Photo-a-Day 365 challenge before, failed miserably, and when this came up, I thought «this is something I can do!!!» I’ve been so close to quitting a couple of times already.

    Glad I didn’t, though … I write in the mornings, and I enjoy those moments. Will check out the Thursday challenge now.


  2. Well done so far! I’ve only just figured out how to schedule a post, but it takes me so long to write each one that I’m always behind and can never plan ahead 🙂


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