Guess What?

Well, here we are on 5th January and we are at our second birthday of the year.  Yes, today my little brother reaches the grand old age of xx.  You may remember that I mentioned him here when I wrote about the other birthday.

I’m not sure what he’d say about me, but I love him dearly.  There was a time when I was truly worried that he wouldn’t be around for long, and I would have given anything to keep him here.  That is a number of years ago now, and I’m glad to say that we see him far more often, although not as often as I’d like.

So, what’s my earliest memory?  Well, it’s a sad one really.  He was under six months old, and very ill.  He was taken by ambulance to hospital, and I didn’t understand what was happening.  The only thing I knew was my parents couldn’t go with him, he was on his own and my mother was weeping profusely.  I was 3.  I didn’t want him to go on his own so I gave him my teddy bear to keep him company.  That made my mother cry even more and I really didn’t understand that.

Times were different then.  Parents couldn’t stay with children, they were a nuisance.  Visits were at set times, and sibling visits frowned upon.  However, because he was so ill I was allowed to visit one afternoon.  What I saw haunted me for many years.  He was in a childrens’ ward – but he was in isolation.  In the middle of the large ward was a small greenhouse like structure with a cot inside.  My brother was inside the cot, and the glass was between us and him.  He cried when he saw us, my mother cried when she saw him, I was perplexed and held tightly onto my father’s hand as he stood trying to comfort us both. He was finally discharged and life eventually got back to normal, you can imagine how thankful we all were for that.  I have to admit, though, that I really missed that teddy which had now become his.  Fortunately, Father Christmas brought me a new one so then I had one to hug again too……

All that is past now, and he has, as I have said, reached the grand old age of xx.  Why aren’t I giving you his age?  Well, I want to emphasise the fact that he is now older than me.  Yes, my younger brother has passed me.  You see he is a man, and I am a woman.  As a man he just has to keep counting onwards.  As a woman, however, once I got to that age I could start counting backwards!  That means I will constantly be rejuvenated and his cracks about me being older than him will fall on deaf ears because I KNOW THE TRUTH!



5 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. Oh what a lovely story, and how wonderful of you to give him your teddy bear 🙂

    But LOL about the counting! My brother is quite the opposite – I rang him last month to congratulate him on reaching his 50th, and he crossly announced that he would not be 50 for at least another 5 years!!! Some men can be very vain!


  2. What a beautiful post. I’m not the sentimental type really, I have something in my eye I think! Happy xxth birthday to David ha ha! He’s very lucky having such a devoted sister x


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