Spam, Spam, more Glorious Spam!

I have written about email Spam before, and, of course, it continues to come.  It still makes me laugh, so I thought I’d share just some of the spam I received overnight.  I had a number of invitations and offers

1   Buy REAL Rolix watch (from realrolixCo)

2   Genuine Offer  (This was from Captain General Sir Richard Omgobwe, how could I refuse?)

3  Your HSBC acoint has been acsesd by a thrid party (Do I have an HSBC acct?  Hmm, better click on the link to find out…..)

4   Dear Friend (a kindly barrister sent me this, it says so in the ‘from’ heading)

5   Your company needs us   (Free Cash Investments were kind enough to offer me their services

6   You have won $300,000,000 in US lottery  (Now you know why I’m giving up work!)

7   You have won £300,000,000 in UK lottery (Thank goodness I can put my money into that HSBC account..)

8   Please confirm you HSBC acunt details  (Not until I’ve invested all my money, no doubt)

Please note that all spelling mistakes in this post are from the original mails.  I did not open one of them, these are just retyped headings etc.

Where are they now?  All in that great big junk bin in the sky?  Will they be incinerated?  Will they add to global warming?  What will we do when that is full?  I don’t know the answers to any of these questions – but there is one to which I do know the answer:

Will I get any more Spam?

You betcha!

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