It’s surprising what you find…..

I’ve been delving through some old (very old) photographs prior to visiting an elderly uncle. One thing I didn’t expect to find was a newspaper published on 12th November 1918. It is faded and very fragile, but over the next few days I’ll post an odd picture or too as I gently unfold and see what is within.

This is my first view of the said pages

It seemed very strange reading this news ‘as it happened’ and published in the year of my mother’s birth.

Capture the Moment – May – 2

After a long day

Silence abounds in First Class

Concentration high.

Fingers working fast.

Completing work not done

Before arriving home.

A continuation of yesterday’s post.

Capture the Moment – May – 1

Banks of thick, lush green

Slip past, unnoticed by some.

Eyes focussed on screens…..

Written during yesterday’s outward train journey, back tomorrow with the return trip!

Can you tell I’m excited?

Today is lunch day

Meeting with friends in Farnham

Raymond Blanc awaits!


Or, to put it another way,

Can you tell I don’t get out very much?


Minor irritations

The Daily prompt is not something I usually follow or use as inspiration. However, today I am boldly going where I have not gone before. I am going to answer with a question…..

Should the prompt be ‘Daring TO do’?


‘Derring Do’


Back later with the Weekly Photo Challenge if it inspires ;)

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OK, so you know I’m odd :)

Yesterday we visited Salisbury. We have great affection for the city as DH lived there for a while, and his parents were residents for many years. We were near the cathedral


and I took this picture from the passenger seat of the car as we drove away.

I was unsure of the finished result until I saw it on the computer, but I love the way the sunlight is just hinting from behind the spire – and the tiny flecks of daylight (behind the tree) that were a total surprise. Most of all, though, I like the way the scaffolding, of all things, is a horizontal foil to the vertical of the main construction.

As I said…… you know I’m odd :)

(And Janet, if you are reading this, ask me if I’ve used the design elements herein when we finally have that lunch ;) )

Stress and a Limerick

I have had a very stressful and worrying few weeks, no need to burden anyone, but today I am feeling more stressed than ever. It will pass, and I’m not really worried. However, it isn’t a state in which I often find myself. Nothing to do with the situation, but all this probably shows in the following rather tasteless Limerick which was written as a response to Harry’s challenge.

When taking a walk or a hike
With someone you don’t really like,
The pond is the place
If you run out of grace
You can feed them head first to the Pike!

I’ll find my grace soon, but at the moment it is being sadly tried. Maybe it’s partly because my current ‘theme’ of artwork is ‘Alzheimers’. Here’s just a quick glimpse.


It won’t mean much to you in this form, but maybe I’ll show you more in the near future. I’m ‘Artist in Residence’ at Missenden Abbey on Tuesday, I’ll have some of it with me and will hopefully be doing more while I’m there. If you are in the neighbourhood why not come and see what’s going on? Just ask at reception and they’ll tell you where to find me.