There’s nothing tastier, at certain times, of the day than a homemade scone. Whether you rhyme it with ‘gone’ or ‘bone’ they are delicious, and my mother used to make THE most delicious. I’m sure I’ve mentioned them before, and thankfully she passed the recipe down before she forgot how to make them.There are all sorts of myths and traditions with scones – how they should be served, what you can do with them etc, but I won’t go into those here.

I needed some yesterday, but due to various circumstances was unable to make them in the time available. The answer was to buy them from a supermarket that I trust. We’d had them before – and they would be a good substitute.


…… They had SOLD OUT!

In desperation we took what was left on the shelf



They were duly served.

Sadly, these are possibly the worst scones I have ever tasted…… we all took one bite and left the rest. Sad really, because in anticipation of a tasty morsel I had written this little ditty

Scones are delicious with jam and with cream
I’m sure you’ve heard that uttered.
Whatever the rest
I think they are best
When warm, and simply buttered.


Capture the Moment – May – 2

After a long day

Silence abounds in First Class

Concentration high.

Fingers working fast.

Completing work not done

Before arriving home.

A continuation of yesterday’s post.

Capture the Moment – May – 1

Banks of thick, lush green

Slip past, unnoticed by some.

Eyes focussed on screens…..

Written during yesterday’s outward train journey, back tomorrow with the return trip!

Today’s learning experience

Today has been a little stressful, but that’s life isn’t it? Life goes on – and whatever we face can either be ignored or dealt with.

It can also be used as a learning experience……

…….and sometimes a re-learning experience.


Well, let’s just say that today I discovered that the soup won’t get hot unless you apply heat to the base of the saucepan…..

Cold soup anyone?


Can you tell I’m excited?

Today is lunch day

Meeting with friends in Farnham

Raymond Blanc awaits!


Or, to put it another way,

Can you tell I don’t get out very much?


A word for the year?

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs with emphasis on a word for the new year. I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.


I’m greedy!

Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. One word is not enough. I’m currently working with far more than one, but today I will only share one with you.


A New Year brings change, and who knows what the rest of the year has in store. I’m using these words in my art and the second one is Renew. It might be a while before you discover any more – there are quite a few.


This doesn’t really count as a work of art – it’s just a quick expression.

Time for change – I can feel it happening already.

Minor irritations

The Daily prompt is not something I usually follow or use as inspiration. However, today I am boldly going where I have not gone before. I am going to answer with a question…..

Should the prompt be ‘Daring TO do’?


‘Derring Do’


Back later with the Weekly Photo Challenge if it inspires ;)

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Capture the Moment – August #22 or – Another Limerick

There’s something that has to be said!
When having a pain in the head,
Regardless of time –
It ISN’T a crime
To rest it away on the bed.