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Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular

A little gallery for the Weekly photo challenge. I knew these would come in handy one day ;) You can also find a different Gallery at Just Snaps.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Achievement

Some of you have seen this photo before, and a very few of you have seen the items in ‘real’ life!

For a number of years I have allowed myself the luxury of 15 minutes creative time each day. The creativity can take any form, but I make sure that I do something every day. 15 minutes isn’t long – but as I’m not trying to accomplish my life’s work within this time I can do just whatever I want. I count the days off – first as weeks, and then as two-weeks, or fortnights, culminating in 100 days – and then I start again. This picture represents the 100 that ended on 6th November. For the first time I bound all my efforts into little handmade books – also completed with the 15 minute chunks.


I’ve already started on my next venture, why not join me? Full details of the challenge can be found here, and I often document my creative antics in my diary, also showing just a glimpse here.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Minimalist

Does this fit the bill? Well, even if it doesn’t – it’s what you’ve got ;) . You can read more about the challenge here, and Just Snaps has a Photo 101 here. Here’s the ‘minimal’.




Weekly Photo Challenge – Descent

Love knows no bounds……

but apparently it’s better below rather than above!

Following their descent…..


Weekly Photo Challenge from Just Snaps has arrived and if you would like to join in – you will find full details here.

(Not) 100 steps

It’s been a while since I posted one of these little self-challenges. I have photographed several, but somehow forgotten to put them online. They will appear at some point, but today I’m doing something slightly different.

I’ve had ‘flu! Thankfully I didn’t have it very badly, but at the same time my DH had a dose as well. Now I want to assure you that this was NOT manflu. It was the genuine article, and he was really poorly. I don’t want him to know that there were times when I was really worried about him – but I know that I can rely on you not to say anything. Today was actually his first day out for some time. We had some packages to post, and that is usually ‘his’ task. He was determined to do it today, but I went along as well, just in case. We walked into town – a distance of just over a mile – but it took nearly twice as long as usual he is so weak. I won’t bore you with all the details of a rather boring walk, but suffice it to say that he had to sit and rest on the way home, in our local park.


Basically it’s a wide open space on which soccer is played at weekends by amateur teams, but is surrounded by trees and even has it’s own small nature reserve. Today we were only using it as a short cut – and this was part of our view from the ‘resting place’. I was very tempted to leave my beloved and just take those few 100 steps, but thought better of it. So, instead, I’m sharing a few shots taken from one spot.

It was a beautiful day. Blue skies and sunshine. Perfectly autumn.

And then, on arrival home, the dream was shattered


The Weekly Photo Challenge is Dreamy. I was determined not to enter this week…… so you can draw your own conclusions ;)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Signs

Today’s inspiration from the Weekly Photo Challenge:

All I wanted was to get a picture of the grid!

Here’s a sign from Just snaps, too.

And a few more worth checking out:

Weekly Photo Challenge – Endurance

I know that many of you are aware that I dye. In fact, here are some fabrics that I have been dyeing just this week!


There is an element of endurance involved in the dyeing, nothing is instant, taking time improves not only the colours but also the effects.


My subject of the Weekly Photo Challenge, however, is none of the above! The subject is some of the vital equipment that I cannot do without!


After many months of searching, I have finally found rubber gloves that don’t disintegrate after just two days of use! Not only do they last…… they also fit the length of my fingers which mean that I can manipulate the fabric and threads within the dye!


Well worth the enduring search………………..!  ;)


Just Snaps is now here!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Dialogue

Hot houses are always hot and steamy – photographs have to be quick – before the lens becomes ‘cloudy’. Here is the roof and the reflection.

Just Snaps is here, and full details of the challenge can be found here.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Fray


This photograph is of an unusual textile technique. One thing that is definitely not required is fraying! However…….

Look to the left! – Yes, it’s starting to happen ……


Full details of the challenge is here and Just Snaps  has one for you and so too has Unblipped