A Four Letter Word -Off

Now I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I do watch the news at certain times of the day, and more often than not I am sceptical about some of the reporting. However, I must be gullible too, as I believed every word of one report this morning. Now, let me try and give you the gist of what was said.

Apparently EVERYBODY in the country (please now interpret that as EVERYBODYminusOne) has been following the GBBO. To the uninitiated (I was one until this morning) this is the Great British Bake Off, or (because four words are more than the average person can apparently understand) ‘Bake Off’. It would appear that people have been enthralled by watching people tackle a variety of recipes. I thought that maybe the cooked items were hurled at the other contestants to make it more exciting, but no, it is based around watching a cake rise. Last night a winner was chosen and certain ‘delectable delights’ were baked, all being illustrative of the competition

Photo courtesy of and linked to the BBC

This picture might fill you with desire. It might start your mouth watering, and you may well try the recipe from which the picture was taken. As far as I’m concerned, however it evokes unpleasant memories of childhood teatime and is the dreaded ‘stuff’ of which ‘Scottish’ High Tea is made. (High Tea is a meal served in late afternoon or very early evening. It isn’t ‘tea’ and it isn’t ‘dinner’ it’s somewhere between the two. It is served in several parts of the UK, including Scotland. It often consists of a cooked main course followed by a selection of cakes, and the ones that I remember most vividly were served at a particular place in Scotland.)

Home baking was the policy when I was a child. Grandmother, who lived close by, had a baking day, and so too did my mother. We still cook many of the recipes that were handed down, and, of course, they are all delicious. Not all families followed the same principle, however, and shop cakes were available for those that did not bake. Visiting friends for tea was often a bit of an adventure, and one of the things that sometimes took pride of place on the table was a plate of ‘Fondant Fancies’. These were usually either pink or yellow, and I hated them. Not only were they covered in the sickliest icing imaginable, but horror of horrors, there was a blob of butter icing to contend with too. Reading the recipe linked above I see that these too are made in that fashion. I really can’t believe that they were part of such a competition. In fact, I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t written this post as I’m already beginning to feel queasy at the thought of them. The worst thing of all was that they were even served for tea at the Ritz. An that was a tremendous let down.

I’d be interested to know what you all think. I’m willing to bet that I’m in the minority, but actually, I don’t even think that the above items look appetising. This post isn’t in response to this post, but it does fit in with the theme (food), so I’m linking with it. If you write on the same subject this week let me know and I’ll pop over and visit.

Chapter Four – The End is Nigh

If you have been following this blog you will have read this post from last week.  I knew that the time for The Things to move on was fast approaching, so I had a treat in store for them!  This time they were OFFICIALLY going on a trip (official in the sense that I knew they were going……)

You can understand that I couldn’t trust them to be loose in the car, they might have escaped!  So, you can imagine how pleased they were to be let out of the bag

They were very anxious to look at the hotel room and see their surroundings

They even posed for a shot

They preferred the view outside, though

even though they weren’t really tall enough to enjoy it properly

Taking charge of the TV control was no effort, though, and before long they were channel flicking.  It’s ironic that they chose to watch this one for the longest…..  read on!

Yes, the day had arrived for my next visit to the TV studios.  Now the fact that it is a shopping channel may not really qualify for the title of TV as far as some of you are concerned, but I have to say that the boys and girls in charge of the programmes are lovely, and I hoped that they would welcome the Things with open arms.  Sure enough, they were allowed on set, but not just on set – they were allowed to make their debut!

Just being part of the scenery was not good enough for them, of course, slowly they worked their way onto the table….  If you look closely you can just see them

I think they hoped for a closeup!

And lo and behold!  Ellis obliged!  Look at those faces – they were in heaven!

Who knows what tomorrow may bring.  Today is a very special birthday for someone, and it’s just possible that they may make their way to a birthday party tomorrow night.  I have warned them, though….


Another Day of Travelling

Yes, I’m pounding the motorways again today.  M3, M25 and M1.  Travelling north towards the snow….  Hopefully we won’t meet, but you never know.  I’m off to Create and Craft TV again, so if you are free tomorrow these are the details.

Wednesday 4th April 2012 at 10am and 4pm UK time

I hope you will join me, but don’t forget that all programmes are transmitted LIVE, and will change to another if all stock is sold.  Find it on the internet here, where you watch it live.  To watch it on TV tune into one of the following channels.

Sky 671 | Freeview 36 | Freesat 813

If you are wondering what I mean by ‘again’, take a look at the photograph and follow the link for a few more details.

I’m hoping that the Things will appear on C&C!  Watch this space if you can’t watch TV……

Vanity, thy name is…….

….  I’ll let you decide!

For reasons that I’ll explain later today included a visit to the hairdresser!  As always it was a time of pampering and relaxation.  Soothing music, expert attention…… you get the idea. I couldn’t wait.  It doesn’t happen every week, so I intended to make the most of it.

However, life doesn’t always give you what you expect………!


The problem was that I had to spend a lot of time sitting in the chair.

Leaping around to keep them under control was difficult

so, as you can see, they had the time of their lives!

They even tried to phone home!

So many bottles, so much temptation for inquisitive creatures.

So many implements, too, as you can see Thing 1 couldn’t wait to dive in.

In spite of everything Claire managed to remain her calm and cheerful self.

And why was all this titivation so essential?

TV tomorrow (Wednesday)!!  10 pm and Midnight on Ideal World

More information here

Today’s the Day!

Well, if you are around at 10pm and midnight tonight, GMT, and having problems finding something to do you will find me on TV.    Let’s hope I know enough to answer all the questions!  I’ll tell you more about it, but probably not until Friday as I think I’ll spend tomorrow in bed……

You can find out about channel details, and also watch it live (yes, both programmes will go out live) on this link here.

Enjoy your day as much as I know I’ll enjoy mine!  Don’t forget, I did tell you that this will take me outside my comfort zone..  and apologies if I haven’t visited or commented on you blog recently, I’ll be back to catching up very soon.


‘All’ is revealed (almost)

I really didn’t intend yesterday’s post to be quite so cryptic!   Let me explain….

Being self-employed within the textiles world is not the easiest way to earn a living.  It would be lovely to think that everything produced was immediately snatched up for a vast profit, but of course that isn’t true.   So, to be invited to support a TV programme is a very welcome additional earning.  I’ve told you before about my visits to work on the embellisher machine, and when I received a phone call asking me to help out next Wednesay I presumed it was for the same reason.  However, some way into the conversation it became apparent that that wasn’t the case this time.

So… suddenly I had committed myself to supporting a programme with a product I had yet to ‘meet’.  (Hence my comment that it will qualify for being outside my comfort zone.) Thankfully one was despatched to me poste haste, and the photograph you have seen was the screen at the moment of switch on!  Here it is in all its full glory

It is fully automated, and I need to knuckle down and see if I can learn a lot about it in the time that is remaining.  Most of tomorrow is already booked elsewhere, so Tuesday is my deadline.  I have done one very tiny stitching experiment, here it is part way through

It’s late night viewing!  As far as I know it’s 10pm and midnight, so if any of you are insomniacs you will have something to keep you occupied.  It will also be online, so this means that it will be available in other parts of the world at a reasonable time too.  I’m still waiting for channels to be confirmed, so I’ll let you know those details tomorrow.

Remember the satsuma?  Well, it’s changed a little!  Here it is, taken earlier today

The stitching is much more loose, and the skin is shrinking as it dries out. I’m surprised that it has changed so much, so quickly.

That’s really all for today, but I’m just slipping in one more picture.  This little package contains an order from my Etsy shop.  There’s a little extra in there too, and tomorrow it will be winging its way to the USA.

View from the Back Door

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A quick post

This is just a little taster.  It’s a picture of my first view of a new machine.  There’s a little story attached, but I don’t have all the information yet..  I’m waiting for some confirmation, and then I’ll share it with you.

Just Snaps

View from the Back Door

365 Days of Colour


I won’t go into details…..

….. but if you wonder what I’m doing:


administering first aid
mopping brows
taking temperatures
making soothing hot drinks
and handing out the tablets at the correct times.

and I’ve just heard that I’m back on TV next Wednesday!  And…..  I’ll be doing something different, so that will definitely qualify for being in my No Comfort Zone!

Back properly soon………

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More TV

Well, in retrospect, this is what started it all.  If you missed the first round, or even if you would just like to see it again, you might like to sign up for this.

In 2012, free online, Colouricious will be repeat playing the very popular Talking Threads TV series.
To access these weekly doses of textile art inspiration, you need to sign up for the newsletter on the Colouricious website homepage.
The series starts on Monday 16th January 2012, sp spread the word if you know someone who may be interested.  I don’t know which episode I’ll be – but I’ll be there at some point!

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The Green Room

This morning I discovered that my DH had taken a wobbly photo last week.  While I was ‘strutting my stuff’ on the TV he was quietly and patiently waiting in the green room, and playing with his camera.  It has all sorts of bells and whistles on it, and with nothing better to do, he was experimenting a little.  Well, most of the results were suitable deleted, but he discovered a lot, and a few were left.  The one below was taken by accident, or at least, while trying out the various zooms, and not aimed at the screen, hence the quality, but it if you squint carefully you can see a vision of blue – and that is me!
Which brings me to the ‘Green Room‘ !  As you can see, it isn’t!  Green, that is!  However, it was comfortable, and he spent 9 hours patiently waiting for me.  He met lots of lovely people, and didn’t fall asleep in front of the TV – which of course he would have done, if he had been at home!

The links below are both a bit rusty!  What a shame I didn’t have another in the theme to follow here…….

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