Playing the game – or not!

Blogging comes and goes. This blog, apart from Wordless Wednesday, has been somewhat neglected, but with good reason. I’m not about to apologise for a long break, or to explain it away – I just haven’t been inspired to write here.

Until today, that is…..

Half the problem has been my interpretation of extremely uninspiring prompts from WordPress. Specifically these probably relate to the Weekly Photo Challenge over the past few months. I’m sure the problem is with me and not WordPress, and maybe at some point I will be tempted to join in. I usually ignore the writing prompts. If I want to write I’ll just get on and do it – as I say, I haven’t felt inclined.

Today’s ‘writing‘ prompt, though, is different. It has ‘inspired’ this post because the subject fills me with total anathema!

I   H A T E   all board games. My ambition from the moment I sit down in front of one (which is sometimes impossible to avoid when GKs are present) is to lose within the first five minutes.

I   A L W A Y S   succeed, regardless of the rules.

No doubt I’ll bounce back – I love thinking laterally and that’s how I’ve always dealt with the challenges in the past. I’ll do my best, and just hope that tomorrow’s is a good one at last!

Help! I’m sure you know the answer

Well, friends, life goes on. Things are slowly improving here, but the emphasis is on the   s l o w l y . . .   Things seem to have changed with WordPress too. Am I right in thinking that there is no longer a ‘heads up’ when someone comments on / links to / or follows a blog? My settings haven’t changed – no time to see to that.

All input gratefully received with thanks in advance.


And there it was! Gone!

And so it went! One minute the bed was there.. the next it had gone, with occupant, to theatre. It was almost 6 hours before I saw it again.

A difficult op, lots more found than expected, but hopefully a good result – and now the long recovery of this part can begin. When I left the occupant was drinking tea and wired to all sorts of monitors and oxygen. I finally arrived home sometime before midnight and crashed into bed. It was a long day…..



Celebrating the Mundane – Blog Hop

It’s over a month since I’ve been here – and in fact my presence on the web has been severely reduced for a number of reasons. To be honest, the only thing I have been posting is the weekly blog hop. It suddenly occurred to me that you may not know about it, and that you might like to join in, so below is a copy and paste of what you will actually find here. I hope you will consider joining us – the more the merrier, as it were.

We all go through times of uncertainty in our lives. The last two months have been very unsettling at times as DH has been very ill, however there is hopefully and end in sight and things are now a little calmer. Next week, on this day, we will be preparing for him to return to hospital for an operation – what exactly will be done we won’t know until after the event, but we both have a sense of peace about the whole thing, and if all goes well he will be home within days.

This month has been irritating. Our internet signal has dropped continually – and this is really unusual. It would appear that it is due to our overhead wires, but they aren’t due for replacing any time soon, and cable is not an option. So on we go – and the peace and quiet has been wonderful! Maybe it was all planned! Of course I’m not seeing as much as I would like, but normality will return – and I’m sure people understand.

There is another little ‘mishap’ to report this week, though, and that has made me rather cross.

My camera has stopped working :(

It stopped working 2 days after the guarantee expired! I’m in negotiations. Thankfully, due to the memory card, I lost no pictures, but I have nothing other than my iPhone to capture my life until further notice, and that is not always a convenient tool.

Apart from accessing the internet, there are other things that ‘slide’ when life is not normal, and one of those I remembered to my cost. I take a daily medication – thyroxine. I take it religiously, but somehow it was one of the things that took backseat during the ‘traumas’. Sadly I completely forgot until I began to recognise symptoms that I had hoped to not revisit. I’m back into routine now, but they are important and mundane enough to be the subject of today’s picture.

Mundane 1

Taken this morning – with the iPhone

Hope you will join in. Mara and Rebekah are posting too. Don’t forget to link back to us, let’s CELEBRATE THE MUNDANE! Sometimes the things we take for granted are more important than you think.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird

This is just one of the things that I get up to before the early bird. By the time the early bird is up I’m often ready to go back to bed ;) Links for the challenge are below.

More details of the challenge can be found here and an entry for Just Snaps is coming soon – and you may regard it as more appropriate!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Wall

I hate to think what this wall says about me! I find it inspirational….


Full details of the challenge can be found here and another piece of this wall is featured at Just Snaps

Roll on June?

My blogging might have been somewhat sporadic since the beginning of the year, but that does not mean I’ve been procrastinating. An unfortunate bout of illness was probably the start – and since then nothing has really appealed in the way of inspiration. There was a time when I looked forward to the Weekly Photo Challenge – but even that has, on most occasions, failed to inspire in any way, even by thinking very laterally. I have however, continued to take photographs, and I’m sure they will come in useful at some point. Spring is just around the corner, in fact there are signs it is very close if we look – and spring brings with it many changes.

Here in the UK we have an election looming. Yes, I’m registered to vote – and I will be putting my cross in the place I consider best. There may or may not be televising discussions between the leaders of political parties – but I will be one of several who won’t even bother to turn to the channel to watch. As a regular voter I don’t really feel that I have any say in who governs the country, and the present  coalition just helps to prove that. I have, however, come up with what I think may be an answer to our political representation – and I would like your opinion on how you think it might work.

Firstly – it’s important to note that every working man is worthy of his wages. Therefore the first thing we need to do is pay  our working representatives exactly what they deserve. None of them think they earn enough – so why don’t we pay them EXACTLY WHAT EACH THINKS HE IS WORTH? Because they are earning such a wonderful new salary there will be no need for support from business or unions – which would therefore become illegal.

Secondly – on a very important note – there must be no tax evasion. Therefore this new salary MUST BE TAXED AT 100%!

What? 100%? How on earth will they live?

Well, I feel that the answer is very simple.

Instead of living in large houses, either outside their constituency, or in a second home handy for parliament, I suggest that they become itinerants, and spend each night in the home of a different member of their constituency. It would be an idea opportunity to meet the public, find out what they actually want/need, and, more importantly, discover how  ‘real life’ is lived.

I’ve had a few more thoughts on this subject, but maybe I’ll share those another day. In the meantime…… I’ll make the most of the last few weeks of the status quo – avoiding as many newscasts and party political broadcasts as possible. We had no visits from candidates during the run up to the last election – I wonder if we will see any this year? They will probably call while I am out.

Another little glimpse

Gently does it!

Unfolding a little at a time. Here is another little glimpse into the dramatic news that was unfolding.

I’m currently involved in a little ‘newspaper’ project of my own – painting and tearing today’s paper for a type of journal page. I’m documenting the journey here. Nothing as dramatic as the above – and I won’t be defacing that newspaper in any similar way, although I might use a photocopy at some point.

It’s surprising what you find…..

I’ve been delving through some old (very old) photographs prior to visiting an elderly uncle. One thing I didn’t expect to find was a newspaper published on 12th November 1918. It is faded and very fragile, but over the next few days I’ll post an odd picture or too as I gently unfold and see what is within.

This is my first view of the said pages

It seemed very strange reading this news ‘as it happened’ and published in the year of my mother’s birth.