Weekly Photo Challenge – One Shot, Two Ways

It’s surprising what you see when you are walking the streets (on my run up to the 5k, I hasten to add) and I’m never one to miss a design source. These photographs were taken as a prelude to sketching the shapes. No time to do it on the spot as I was trying to keep to a time schedule.

I suppose I ought to show you the artwork too, but it’s in my ‘to do’ folder ;) .

Full details of the challenge, and lots more entries, can be found here. There will be an entry at Just Snaps later on.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Wonder

Today we once again drove across Salisbury Plain.  It was a beautiful journey, not clear – just beautifully mist-ical.  The horizon was blurred creating an atmosphere of mist-ery and emphasising the ancient landscape.  By the time we left, however, the mist had lifted.

My photograph for the challenge, however, doesn’t portray the wonder of the landscape mentioned above.  It does, however, pose a question.

‘I wonder what I’ll find under here?’

(Can you see the bug just disappearing?)

The countdown has begun!  Tomorrow I have to prepare all my samples, then on Tuesday I travel the 4 hours north in readiness for Wednesday’s broadcast.  I was asked for a reminder, no doubt you’ll get a couple more……

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Thursday Theme – Hard

It was actually very hard to get this shot!  I wanted the contrast of the soft orange barrier with the hard unforgiving wood and steel.  The shot was taken with the camera held through a hole in yet another fence,, and was intended to be used as an example of a source for a specific design technique.  It just seems to fit the bill for this challenge too.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows

Today’s photograph

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Weekly photo challenge – opportunity

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Scary, or exciting? Thursday Theme – writing implements

The blank page.  What does it mean to you?  Is it a scary canvas that has to be tackled at some point, or something to be viewed with excitement?

How about thinking laterally, and using something intended for another use?

Be bold, and write BIG

Add some water and sprinkle on some colour

Then wait for the magic to happen and voila!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – possibilities

Not the easiest challenge so far, but I’ve chosen three photographs (links to the others below) that were taken close to my favourite place in Wales.  They aren’t the best pictures in the world, by the way.

This one shows the end of a successful search by the RNLI.

I don’t like to think of the possibilites if the search had failed….

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