Online Course

Online dates

The next round of online courses starts on 22nd August.  There is more information from this link here.

Today’s collage!

It’s another sunset.

Six down!

Today is the last day for signing up to the current round of online workshops.  There will be another round in the autumn, and I’ll let you know when registration is open.  In the meantime, I’m amazed to have completed a full six months of blogging!  I wonder if I can continue for the rest of the year.  I certainly intend to give it a try.

We are about to embark on a busy weekend.  If you fancy a little trip out or two you might like to read this post and this one too.  Come and have a chat, we’d love to see you.

WooHoo! I get to play for my health

A while ago I filled in a questionnaire.  I didn’t know what it was for – but last Friday I received this link, and all became clear.

Well, I’m not a quilter, but I do work in textiles.  The handle of the fabric is very important to me, and so is colour – that’s why I dye.  This article has given me absolute permission to carry on.  Hooray!

Today I’m playing with colour, but not in the way you might expect.

It’s for the next stage in my online course.  Don’t forget – there are still a few more days to sign up for the first level.

Off to play now…..


If you climb a mountain, what do you expect to see?

Vast Vistas?

More mountains?

How about this

Very unexpected, and so too was this roof

It reached right down to the ground, and I think there is quite a lot of inspiration in it.  The weathered markings are as interesting as the rustic lapped effect.

One day I’ll have enough time to work on all the inspirational things I have noted.  Not this week, however, new online dyeing courses starting today, and TV on Thursday.  It will be a quick week, methinks.  Whatever you are doing, I hope yours is good too.

Wanted – Toy Boy

Now, don’t get the wrong idea.  If you have – you might as well finish reading now because this post won’t go the way you expect!

I’m currently teaching a series of online dyeing workshops, with another round just about to start.  The one thing that I emphasise to my students is that making mistakes is OK – just make sure you write down what you have done.  You see, I make mistakes too!  I always note what I’ve done – put the ‘offending’ item on one side and then reinvestigate when I’ve finished.  And just to prove it – here’s one I prepared earlier.

To be honest, it’s much yummier in real life, but I think it looks pretty ‘ok’ in the picture too.  So, what’s this to do with a toy boy?

Well, in the ‘old days’ stale urine was  one of the ingredients for certain types of dyeing.  Fortunately I don’t need to persuade my students to collect it these days, but I recently read that the best type of urine is that from a young adult male.  See, there had to be a good reason for having a toy boy!

New Tutorial

From time to time I add a new tutorial to this site.  I did so again on Sunday.  It relates to a little ‘workshop’ featured here.

It isn’t a technical workshop – well, neither is the tutorial, but both are intended to get you using bits and pieces that you have around the place, and to use a skill that you probably didn’t know you had.  I’d love to know if you do either of them, or use them in another way.

By the way, I’ve also announced a couple of new online workshops for which registration will soon open.  Details are here.

The end of a perfect day!

Just a quick post today, and a shot of the stand at the end of the first day at the Needlework Fiesta.  Lots to top up and replenish, that was done yesterday morning before we re-opened.  If you look carefully, you will see DH just disappearing out of the door.  He was anxious to see the sun and daylight!  We’d had a lovely day, but the weather was glorious and we were envious of those who could be outside.

We already have the dates for next year – maybe some of you can join us during the last weekend of April

Don’t forget that the next set of online workshops starts today.  Enrol at any time during April, more information here.

Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta

The New Forest is a lovely part of Hampshire.  Horses, ponies, cattle, sheep and pigs roam freely and there is a lot to see.  Each April there is a Fiesta par excellence, devoted to all things stitchy!  It’s normally at the end of April, but due to Easter it’s been moved forward and is happening tomorrow and Sunday.

Here we are, just about ready to open last year.  That’s us at the far end.  The way in is in the far left hand corner.  Exhibitions and demos too, so lots to see in other halls and upstairs.  Some of the sellers are listed on the above link.  Why not have a lovely day out and come and say ‘Hi’.  You can’t miss us.  As you enter the main hall you will see us on the left hand side – Winifred Cottage.

Don’t forget too, that there is still time to sign up for the two online courses that start after the weekend.  There’s more information linked from here.

A week to go

It’s almost time for the next online dyeing course.  Here’s another taster.  You probably gathered that this was one too.

Little Bookies starts too, and that really is fun.  It’s a chance to enjoy ‘playschool’ again.