Larry Hagman

And now he’ll never know.

Dallas was one of the iconic tv series of the past. My memory is so bad that I don’t even remember when it was aired, but a search on the internet will reveal the answer with no problem, I’m sure. The bad evil character was played by Larry Hagman whose death was sadly announced today.

I once had an aunt who was a social climber. She had a silver teapot that shone like no other, struck the fear of death into anyone with bad table manners, and was loved in spite of everything. Sadly she too is no longer with us, but I thought of her this morning. You see, due to my relationship to her – I was related to Larry Hagman.

No, I’m not making this comment to ensure that I see a part of his fortune, but just to show how tenuous a link can be for someone to be proud of that link. I can’t remember the full story, but somehow it goes through Jack Jones and Maria Martin. I think it had something to do with a cousin who was related to Jack Jones’ Grandfather, and I believe that JJ was a step-brother of Larry Hagman, but I’m not doing the research, it would be a waste of time. Auntie Anne, however, would practically hug the screen when JR was in the scene – because ‘we are related, you know’.


RIP Larry Hagman