Help! I’m sure you know the answer

Well, friends, life goes on. Things are slowly improving here, but the emphasis is on the   s l o w l y . . .   Things seem to have changed with WordPress too. Am I right in thinking that there is no longer a ‘heads up’ when someone comments on / links to / or follows a blog? My settings haven’t changed – no time to see to that.

All input gratefully received with thanks in advance.



Once again I am going through a period of receiving a vast number of spam emails. I wish someone would tell me why they bother! The current spate are mostly from the Inland Revune. Presumably written by someone whose grasp of English isn’t that good, and they obviously don’t use spellchecker, either.

I’m interested to know from those of you whose first language isn’t English – do you too get spam in your own language – with spelling mistakes and hilarious turns of phrase?

The following post is recycled from November 2010:

I have written about email Spam before, and, of course, it continues to come.  It still makes me laugh, so I thought I’d share just some of the spam I received overnight.  I had a number of invitations and offers

1   Buy REAL Rolix watch (from realrolixCo)

2   Genuine Offer  (This was from Captain General Sir Richard Omgobwe, how could I refuse?)

3  Your HSBC acoint has been acsesd by a thrid party (Do I have an HSBC acct?  Hmm, better click on the link to find out…..)

4   Dear Friend (a kindly barrister sent me this, it says so in the ‘from’ heading)

5   Your company needs us   (Free Cash Investments were kind enough to offer me their services

6   You have won $300,000,000 in US lottery  (Now you know why I’m giving up work!)

7   You have won £300,000,000 in UK lottery (Thank goodness I can put my money into that HSBC account..)

8   Please confirm you HSBC acunt details  (Not until I’ve invested all my money, no doubt)

Please note that all spelling mistakes in this post are from the original mails.  I did not open one of them, these are just retyped headings etc.

Where are they now?  All in that great big junk bin in the sky?  Will they be incinerated?  Will they add to global warming?  What will we do when that is full?  I don’t know the answers to any of these questions – but there is one to which I do know the answer:

Will I get any more Spam?

You betcha!

It’s official!

My heart sank when I discovered that this summer is full of sporting events that are to be televised. I’m still getting over the Olympic Games – and we must be about half way towards the next occurrence. Anyway, nothing along those lines is in the least of interest to me – so I have been offering an alternative in the way of Journal prompts etc. I’ve been writing and drawing and painting and dyeing and sketching and sewing…… well, you get the picture ……. my form of sport is to walk and watch and look at nature and my surroundings, I don’t need the added impetus of competition which seems a total waste of time to me.

Anyway, the latest (non)event to be added to our screens is the games of the Commonwealth. I didn’t watch the opening ceremony – in the same way that I didn’t watch of any other (non)event, and nor did my other half, which surprised but delighted me. As a sports fan, however, he has dipped in to the viewing from time to time and today he made a very surprising statement.

‘These games are about as interesting as watching paint dry’

Well, there I would have to differ, because I think that watching paint dry can be one of the most exciting occupations :) However, if he’d asked I could have told him not to bother in the first place. Some people, though, have to discover things for themselves ;) ;) ;)

(Just my personal opinion – if you want to watch that’s fine by me – but try watching paint, it might just bring a little more joy to your life)

Not too late to join in with the journaling, by the way, you can find out more here

Oh, and my next post on this blog is number 1000. How on earth can I celebrate that? Ideas below please.


What fun was had by all!

Last weekend saw another of the Be Creative Weekends on Facebook. It was a little odd for me because I was unexpectedly away from home so couldn’t follow in the usual fashion – even though I had organised it. However, it all passed without a hitch and work is still ongoing on many of the projects.

This time I added a twist to one of the prompts. Small pieces of Art are being produced and then ‘LOST’ in various places and left waiting to be ‘FOUND’. It’s an exercise that has created fun over many years, and I decided after a very successful exchange of postcards last month that the group was ready to take things a step further. Some of the pieces are already ‘lost’, others are travelling to their losing destination as I write, and still more are in various stages of construction. You can see some items here (all photographs supplied by the participants) and it will be worth looking again in a few days as more and more will be added. More information about the towns etc will be forthcoming too, you never know, you might find one.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Juxtaposition

Coincidence? Well, whether it is or not the title fits perfectly with a creative endeavour that is happening this weekend. I wrote about it earlier and anyone is welcome to join in there too.

During the recent stormy weather I have been documenting certain views. These have mostly been to record the rise and fall of the water. The one I have chosen to show you today is quite difficult to capture as, for most of the day at this time of year, the sun is too low for a good shot. I have taken to hiding in the shadow of a tree so that I can fool the camera. On this particular day I wasn’t the only one behind a tree. The cyclists emerged just as I pressed the trigger!


I hope that at least some of you will choose to be creative with us over the weekend. This is a monthly ‘happening’. Full details of the Weekly Photo Challenge can be found here and one from Just Snaps is here..

Nearly there….

Be prepared for a weekend of fun. If you like to be creative (photography – think Weekly Photo Challenge – is creative too), and have 15 minutes to spare this weekend, join us on your blog,  Flickr or Facebook to display your offerings.

The event starts today at 8am UK time and will continue until late on Sunday UK time. Throughout each day quick and silly prompts will appear on the this blog here. They are not compulsory but meant to be inspirations if you can’t find anything else to do. If you take part and blog about it in any way please link back here in some way or to any of the relevant posts. Please pass the word as well – the more people that join in the more fun it will be. So far we have representatives from Europe, including the UK and France and other areas too, North America – both Canada and USA, South Africa, Scandinavia, New Zealand and Australia. Where are you? How far can we spread? This will be a monthly occurrence. Please join in. Join in on Instagram too – link in the sidebar – don’t forget the hashtag –  #becreative and on Twitter too!

A Creative Weekend

As bloggers we are all creative. Creativity can take many forms and sometimes it’s good to indulge. Over the years I’ve found that doing something regularly is the best way to warm up the creative juices and find something we really enjoy. I’ve blogged about this before when I first joined postaday a few years ago. Now I still post every day – but in a variety of places according to topic. It isn’t the blogging every day that has been important but the doing something that has enabled me to go on and do more.Every day I squeeze in just 15 minutes (obviously more if I can) and do something creative. I keep misquoting Picasso – but as he said ‘Inspiration comes, but it has to find you working’

This coming weekend is destined to be a creative weekend why not join us? Find 15 minutes – more if the fancy takes you – and do SOMETHING! Maybe try something new – or indulge yourself in something you LOVE! Take a look here on Facebook This is the Friday page – but if Saturday or Sunday suit you better then there are events scheduled for then too. Then join us in the group It’s a closed group – that just means that you have to be approved. As it’s me doing the approving you can always let me know who you are blogwise if you wish. So far there are people from the UK, USA, SA,  Aus and NZ. Several from Europe too. After last year’s illness I’m still finding it difficult to do the things I really love – but I’m determined to get back into full flow this year and finish all my outstanding commitments and work on some new ideas.

I hope you will join us, but even if you can’t maybe you will spread the word. It could be a GREAT BUMPER WEEKEND. What qualifies? Almost anything – photography, writing, poetry, blogging, art, textiles, stitching, embroidery, quilting ….. even numbers are creative – so…… what’s your excuse? ;)

See you there…..

A word for the year?

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs with emphasis on a word for the new year. I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.


I’m greedy!

Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. One word is not enough. I’m currently working with far more than one, but today I will only share one with you.


A New Year brings change, and who knows what the rest of the year has in store. I’m using these words in my art and the second one is Renew. It might be a while before you discover any more – there are quite a few.


This doesn’t really count as a work of art – it’s just a quick expression.

Time for change – I can feel it happening already.

Hello 2014



We spent last evening with friends old and new. One has been a faithful friend for over 30 years and another we met for the first time. However, we were all united in a common cause, to celebrate our friendship and share the highs and lows of the last year.

It has become a tradition for 10 of us to get together on New Year’s eve for this purpose. We are an eclectic bunch, one has lived in the same house for over 60 years having been born just around the corner, others have, and some still do, travelled the world for both work and pleasure. Others join us too, and last night was no exception. Around the table were people from England, Wales, Scotland, Russia, and India. The hostess is Russian, and we were treated to a veritable feast of food – good healthy food.

Thanks to the internet we were joined, via Skype, with friends from Switzerland. We watched the celebrations in their small town as midnight struck just outside Geneva. We saw a dark, black sky filled with splashes of bright lights and heard the sounds of cheering as locals welcomed the New Year. An hour later we too watched the clock turn from 2013 to 2014.


Our celebrations were not quite so noisy, but just as happy and heartfelt.

2013 was not a good year for me, for various reasons. I’m looking forward – with a new vision for  2014 – full of anticipation for things that are already planned. I also have new creative projects lined up that I must complete. I’ll mention them from time to time here, but I’ve also need to document them more fully, and I have talked about that here.

Thank you for joining me during 2013. I’ve enjoyed your company even though circumstances have often meant that I haven’t been able to reciprocate. I’m intending to do better this year.

A Happy New Year to you ALL


Minor irritations

The Daily prompt is not something I usually follow or use as inspiration. However, today I am boldly going where I have not gone before. I am going to answer with a question…..

Should the prompt be ‘Daring TO do’?


‘Derring Do’


Back later with the Weekly Photo Challenge if it inspires ;)

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