Today I was very brave

I’m willing to bet that most of you are more brave every day than I was today, but first of all let me set the scene.

I wear glasses – spectacles to correct my short sight. Without them everything is very blurred.

Really blurred!

Really, really blurred.

So, when I went outside to sort out my dyeing area prior to sorting the next batch I shouldn’t really have gone out without wearing them.

But I did.

Everthing was as I had left it, all was in order, except……

…… there was something moving.

It wasn’t moving very much, but it was definitely moving. It was also most definitely where something should NOT be moving!

So what did I do?

Well, without thought of risk or safety I carefully took hold and moved it to the nearby earth patch.

Thankfully I had my camera with me. My camera doesn’t need specatcles so I photographed to record the spot! After donning said specs I knew I could return and tackle the wriggling, squiggling thing.

But then I learned a hard lesson.

The camera DOES lie!


You see, when I inspected the photograph all I could see was a worm! Can’t see it? Well it’s there – amongst the greenery just above left of centre. If you still can’t see it send me an email and I’ll give you a grid reference. The trouble is, the squirmy thing I saw was about 10 times the size and all shades of red orange blue and green, breathing smoke and flames and certainly had scales and probably wings. After all – how else could it have arrived on my outside dyeing table?

So all I can say is – never dye without your specs, and I’ll never trust my camera again.

This will probably upset someone

You have been warned. If you don’t want to be upset don’t read any further. These are my thoughts – and if you don’t agree with me you won’t be seeing it from my point of view!

So there!

What on earth?

Well, let me tell you a little story.

It all started a couple of weeks ago (actually it started a lot longer ago than that – but let’s just go back 2 weeks for now). Dearest younger grandson has joined Beavers. Inevitably the question came. ‘Please, Grandma, will you sew on my badges?’

Now, how could I refuse? I had no intention of refusing, but Beavers was not around when his father was the same age so the placement of badges was a little uncertain. Also, the ‘costume’ (I use the right word here, they don’t wear ‘uniform’ in my humble opinion) (that’s the first ‘upset’ out of the way) is different, so where to sew them?

Aha! The website! Of course, it will be easy!


The website and informative pdf don’t even mention one of the badges – it would appear that it doesn’t exist, so I’m presuming that he hangs it around his neck. (Actually, there is someone around whose neck I would like to hang it, but it isn’t that of a family member so I’ll stay quiet in case I get to upset 2 too early……)

By chance I then came across a ‘helpful’ forum where frustrated mothers (and probably grandparents) ask for help about such things as badge placement. What a lot of twaddle! The answers were written by apparently grown up men (there may well have been associated women but I gave up very quickly) with advice like ‘don’t forget to tack’ (the only tacking they have probably ever done is in boats, no doubt) and ‘Glue! How dare you glue!’. The one I liked best was the one that said ‘make sure you don’t sew it on wonky’.

Wonky? If a grown man has time to sew his own badges on straight it is a sure sign to me that he hasn’t got enough going on in his life. Suddenly all the distress and frustration caused all those years ago by ‘Leaders’ of Scout troups, Cubs and Scouts, came flooding back. I was so relieved when dear son finally left, and now it’s all starting over again. Anyway, enough of that…..

Will I sew on the badges? Well, yes, of course I will, however…….

At the moment my work table is still covered with bits from our Creative weekend.

Undaunted, though I found the thread, and reached for a needle. As I did so I knocked over a tin of pins. It fell to the floor, removing the lid as it did so! Half an hour later I think I had found them all….. so, back for the needles. As the tin had fallen, though, it had dislodged a pincushion which had fallen into the above papers. That would have been fine, but attached to it was a pack of ‘betweens’ These, to the uninitiated, are tiny, fine needles for fast sewing. Some of them were now buried within the paper scraps. Another half an hour went by while they were retrieved – not something to come across by accident.


Then the phone rang. So, hopping between phone and workstation – flapping arms to stop dear DH from moving bits around – i then had to return to the task of finding them. What a chore! Thankfully, all found! The above picture doesn’t really give a hint of scale as the peg is a tiny craft one.

However I still have to sew on those labels – so that’s what I’m about to do now! Tacked? Well, what do you think?





I promise I have tried…..

I think it’s confession time, so here goes.

I am as interested in the Olympics as I am in the corn on Mrs Fortescue’s left little toe.

In fact, if truth be told – I am MORE interested in that corn even though I have never heard of anyone by the name of Mrs Fortescue and I have no idea why she would have a problem with her left little toe.

I have had enough. I had had enough before 2012 games. I will be watching as much of these as I did of those. In fact, I will be watching as much as I have ever seen. I will probably be doing something much more exciting……


….. like picking stones out of my walking boots.






Weekly Photo Challenge – One


I took this photograph this morning. I couldn’t see if it was Howard or Hilda, but I’m sure it was one of our resident wood pigeons. They nest at the bottom of the garden.

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Stress and a Limerick

I have had a very stressful and worrying few weeks, no need to burden anyone, but today I am feeling more stressed than ever. It will pass, and I’m not really worried. However, it isn’t a state in which I often find myself. Nothing to do with the situation, but all this probably shows in the following rather tasteless Limerick which was written as a response to Harry’s challenge.

When taking a walk or a hike
With someone you don’t really like,
The pond is the place
If you run out of grace
You can feed them head first to the Pike!

I’ll find my grace soon, but at the moment it is being sadly tried. Maybe it’s partly because my current ‘theme’ of artwork is ‘Alzheimers’. Here’s just a quick glimpse.


It won’t mean much to you in this form, but maybe I’ll show you more in the near future. I’m ‘Artist in Residence’ at Missenden Abbey on Tuesday, I’ll have some of it with me and will hopefully be doing more while I’m there. If you are in the neighbourhood why not come and see what’s going on? Just ask at reception and they’ll tell you where to find me.

Another thought for the day

Note to self. Don’t write a new blog post if your device uses prescriptive text! My earlier post should have read

‘The tortoise may have won the race


the hare burned more calories’

It’s corrected now, but it really offended my eyes when I read it, hope you weren’t too shocked to read ‘hair’ instead! Prescriptive text is now turned off!