Weekly Photo Challenge – One


I took this photograph this morning. I couldn’t see if it was Howard or Hilda, but I’m sure it was one of our resident wood pigeons. They nest at the bottom of the garden.

Full details of the weekly challenge can be found here, Just Snaps has an interesting rare species, and  there are more below.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Good Morning

Every day that I am at home my day starts in the same way

With two photographs

It’s the view from my back door – and I’ve followed the seasons for two years or so like this.

Full details of the challenge, and many more entries can be found here. An entry from Just Snaps will follow soon.

A splash of colour

July 2013 001


Nasturtiums, always add a bright splash of colour to any garden. Equally at home in pots, hanging baskets or even the ground itself their only drawback is that they are also loved by blackfly an aphid which is itself loved by ants! Keeping them at bay can be a full time job, but their yellow, orange and red flowers are a reward in themselves. The leaves, and the flowers, are also a tasty addition to salads! Our daughter, then aged 3, discovered the peppery flavour while we were on a holiday in Scotland. We still pull her leg about it, even though she is now old enough to discern whether or not eating one is a good idea.

So, they are to be recommended if you want something different, but I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting to see any for sale. Well, I did, on Saturday – and here is the proof!

July 2013 006a


The picture is a little blurred as I was trying to ‘shoot from the hip’, as it were. I didn’t want to draw too much attention to the attention I was paying to the display!

Enjoy your food today – whatever you are eating ;)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Masterpiece

I’m really running short of time so I wasn’t going to even think about this week’s photo challenge. And then something happened! I grabbed my camera, and ran, almost knocking my husband over  in the panic to capture a sight that we haven’t seen for a long time.

Peacock Butterfly 002a


Click the link to find out more.

Capture the Moment July #8

I’m sharing this picture later in the week on the garden blog, however, it made me smile so much when I saw it this morning that I’m sharing it with you all now.

July 2013 003a

I love the colours and all the textures. Most of all I love the frilly edges… Just like torn paper. If you’d like a few more smiles I suggest you take a look here :)

We’ve had a very hectic several days. Sorry if I’ve missed seeing your blog, I don’t think I can catch up with them all, but I’ll be reading again from this evening.

Once upon a time …..

…. there was an uncle. He lived a few miles away, and was visited regularly. His garden backed on to a lake, and was full of plants that we didn’t have in our garden. One of them was a tiny purple viola, a little like these.

viola 3

I loved to go and see them, and one day, at the right time of the year, the plants were divided and I was allowed to take a pot home with me. They grew and grew in our garden at home, and when we moved some of them moved with us and continued to flourish in the next garden. I left them there when I got married, but when my parents moved again a little clump went with them to Somerset where they continued to flourish.

Some time later another house move had to be made, this time to Hampshire. Mum and Dad came closer to me – and so too did the pretty little violas. Each year in late spring and summer they would burst into life and present their pretty smiling faces to the world. Sadly, that house is no longer occupied by a member of our family, but these little flowers which evoke such happy memories still live on. We now have descendants in our garden too, nurtured from a division taken about 10 years ago. They have settled in to the wild area with the greatest of ease, even seeming at home with the self-sown miniature foxgloves.I took these photographs this morning.

I wonder if they will travel to another garden soon?