Capture the Moment – May #17


To my amazement my Etsy treasury blog has now published over 600 posts. It features (almost) all treasuries in which I’m featured or which I have made.

To celebrate I thought it would be a good idea to feature any of you lovely followers that also has an Etsy shop. If you would like to be included please add a comment with a link to your shop

Here’s the 600th

‘Strawberry Ripple’ by sassalynne

A Treasury Feature for a member of the Golden Threads Team and join us, and visit the shop with the featured item

Fabric by Liberty of London …


Beaded Bracelet in Red and W…


Handmade Driftwood Heart (24…


Cushion – Calico Twist (1)


Kitchen Towel Red Hearts


White mother of pearl heart …


Necklace Black Beads w Ruby …


u k Artist handmade book, Fo…


Baby girls beautiful ‘Ro…


Gothic Steampunk His & Hers …


Handmade designer jewellery …


Original ink drawing, car dr…




Baby Girl Blanket. Cashmere …


FREE SHIP Cupcake trinket bo…


Bright Yellow and Orange Bab…


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Capture the Moment, May #2 – and more!

I have refrained from posting my work for sale on this site, not sure if that is a good or a bad thing, but at least this opening statement will warn those of you that think it is bad! I’m excited to share two new links. Meta from greeninthemiddle, also curates an online gallery. She has invited me to be part of this and today my first two items are listed.

I’ve also started a sort of ‘Mini Gallery‘ on Etsy. The work that I’m listing here is a collection of some of the Colour Studies that I make when I begin a new artwork. You have seen some of them before (here’s one), and at a later date I’ll probably be listing some of those. Frankly, though, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that I want!

Posts have been erratic partly because the internet still isn’t sorted, partly because my camera had somehow acquired a very nasty scratch on the lens. The latter has now been solved with a new purchase and the former should be resolved within the next seven days.  Sadly family problems are still uppermost in my mind and they, of course, must take priority.

Oh, the joys of the internet! At least the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day.

‘All’ is revealed (almost)

I really didn’t intend yesterday’s post to be quite so cryptic!   Let me explain….

Being self-employed within the textiles world is not the easiest way to earn a living.  It would be lovely to think that everything produced was immediately snatched up for a vast profit, but of course that isn’t true.   So, to be invited to support a TV programme is a very welcome additional earning.  I’ve told you before about my visits to work on the embellisher machine, and when I received a phone call asking me to help out next Wednesay I presumed it was for the same reason.  However, some way into the conversation it became apparent that that wasn’t the case this time.

So… suddenly I had committed myself to supporting a programme with a product I had yet to ‘meet’.  (Hence my comment that it will qualify for being outside my comfort zone.) Thankfully one was despatched to me poste haste, and the photograph you have seen was the screen at the moment of switch on!  Here it is in all its full glory

It is fully automated, and I need to knuckle down and see if I can learn a lot about it in the time that is remaining.  Most of tomorrow is already booked elsewhere, so Tuesday is my deadline.  I have done one very tiny stitching experiment, here it is part way through

It’s late night viewing!  As far as I know it’s 10pm and midnight, so if any of you are insomniacs you will have something to keep you occupied.  It will also be online, so this means that it will be available in other parts of the world at a reasonable time too.  I’m still waiting for channels to be confirmed, so I’ll let you know those details tomorrow.

Remember the satsuma?  Well, it’s changed a little!  Here it is, taken earlier today

The stitching is much more loose, and the skin is shrinking as it dries out. I’m surprised that it has changed so much, so quickly.

That’s really all for today, but I’m just slipping in one more picture.  This little package contains an order from my Etsy shop.  There’s a little extra in there too, and tomorrow it will be winging its way to the USA.

View from the Back Door

Just Snaps

365 Days of Colour


Doesn’t Time Fly….

…. when you are having fun!

I realised this morning that it is now more than a year since I started this blog.  The first post was on October 3rd last year, and at that time I had no idea I would embark on the postaday challenge.  I moved here from Blogger after find it a platform for too much spam, only to discover that there is a fantastic network of supportive bloggers, and a really good support system at WordPress itself.

If only it was like that with all computer systems.  For instance, there is currently a breakdown in communication between Etsy and Google Analytics.  Etsy says that it is down to Google, who, of course, refer you back to Etsy.  Being stuck in the middle is very irritating and confusing, in fact, it has totally broken my trust in the Etsy system, and consequently it is months since I updated either of my shops.

Today’s photo

Today’s colour fix

Such a shame, as it is a good system in other ways.  Does anyone know how to get them to take notice?  I’ve given up.

Happy Birthday to….

Well, anyone, really, or anniversary or….  you choose.

I’ve just listed this card on Etsy.  I’ll be listing more on my website, but it’s so long I listed anything in that shop I thought I ought to make an effort.  This really is made from fragments.  It’s some of the rejected pieces that I used in a larger piece that is completely composed of fragments.  Why were they rejected?  Only because I couldn’t fit them in!

Have a great day, wherever you are, and whatever you are trying to fit in.

I wish to announce

…. that I definitely have a desk top.

I haven’t seen it for quite a while as it’s been littered with papers associated with our Year End, however……

they are now ALL FILED!

Don’t ask how long it will remain clear, I know that as soon as I start listing more items on Etsy it will once again become the focus of my filing system.  And I MUST start listing soon.  It wasn’t long ago that I had 200 items there, now I’m down to under 140.  Where does all the time go?  Answers on a postcard please.

If you like yellow…..

….. and it’s your birthday, I bet you’d love a gift tied together with yellow ribbon!

I bought it here (and it comes in other colours too, by the way).

As for the ‘innards’, the package contained a selection of yellow items, including

I found this here and

from here.  And for the record – these were in her ears practically before the ribbon was untied!

Similar buttons to these can be found here.  These are destined to adorn some clothing in the very near future.

I can highly recommend all these lovely sellers.  Thanks guys.

Heart to Heart

Etsy is a wonderful place, and, as it happens, this week they are celebrating their European sellers.  There is an enormous mix of items available, and a quick search will reveal exactly the thing you want!  Sometime ago I purchased a some of these.

They are beautifully made in Italy by Silvia, and I knew exactly why I wanted them.

Last night I finally got around to beginning my little project.  I unexpectedly babysat for our little grandchildren, and that was the ideal place, as they were to decorate a couple of little tops for our youngest grand-daughter

I’d attempted the exercise before, but forgot to take thread with me, so it had to be aborted!  Last night I was all prepared.

Number one and number two are now ready for wear.  Of course, being a good little girl, the little one slept through the lot and was totally unaware.

They even look good when sewn at a quirky angle!  Sorry about the photographs, they were taken after midnight, and it was almost time to come home.

Pretty Special

‘Pretty Special’ by sassalynne

Pretty selection of items from the UK to celebrate European Week. Lots more to find with a quick search too. Most of these items are from teambritannia, the search tag for Team Craftbritannia

Heart shaped paper mixe…  


I LOVE Fabric Postcard-…  


2 Pastel Colour Marbled…  


Brooch Handmade heart s…  


Shabby Chic Daisy Oval …  


Paradise forest Ceramic…  


Cat art – Custom cat po…  


Handspun hand knitted b…  


Throw pillow Camoflage …  


Ivory & Burgundy Flower…  


Childrens Pig Bag Truff…  


Original art – large ab…  


Upcycled / Recycled pin…  


Strawberry Fields Forev…  


Pink Flower Wooden Butt…  


Pink Roses & Blue Sky -…  


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