Weekly Photo Challenge – Room

If you missed my earlier post I hope you will take a look before you leave this site. It relates specifically to today, and refers to someone I love. There’s more to this post below than at first meets the eye, too – so don’t forget to scroll right down too.

This week’s Photo Challenge is ‘Room’. If the family see this they will laugh raucously, I’m sure, because I never have enough. I can fill a space before it is vacated! However, the one place I always ensure that I leave PLENTY of room is in the dyebath!



The fabric needs room to move in the fixing solution. Below are the results of part of the above collection



Incidently, if anyone is near South Wales and is interested in learning a little about dyeing, I’m teaching a day workshop on 14th June at Busy Bees Patchwork in Newport. There are a couple of places left, if you are interested email Busy Bees directly for details. It’s very good value and, apart from having fun, you will learn that it’s simple and logical to create colour on fabric.

Today I was very brave

I’m willing to bet that most of you are more brave every day than I was today, but first of all let me set the scene.

I wear glasses – spectacles to correct my short sight. Without them everything is very blurred.

Really blurred!

Really, really blurred.

So, when I went outside to sort out my dyeing area prior to sorting the next batch I shouldn’t really have gone out without wearing them.

But I did.

Everthing was as I had left it, all was in order, except……

…… there was something moving.

It wasn’t moving very much, but it was definitely moving. It was also most definitely where something should NOT be moving!

So what did I do?

Well, without thought of risk or safety I carefully took hold and moved it to the nearby earth patch.

Thankfully I had my camera with me. My camera doesn’t need specatcles so I photographed to record the spot! After donning said specs I knew I could return and tackle the wriggling, squiggling thing.

But then I learned a hard lesson.

The camera DOES lie!


You see, when I inspected the photograph all I could see was a worm! Can’t see it? Well it’s there – amongst the greenery just above left of centre. If you still can’t see it send me an email and I’ll give you a grid reference. The trouble is, the squirmy thing I saw was about 10 times the size and all shades of red orange blue and green, breathing smoke and flames and certainly had scales and probably wings. After all – how else could it have arrived on my outside dyeing table?

So all I can say is – never dye without your specs, and I’ll never trust my camera again.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Companiable

It will come as no surprise to those of you that follow my blog on a regular basis to discover that I share my life with colour. In fact, I think you might be disappointed if I didn’t admit it! I am happiest when I am silently working on a project, whether I am using paper, or fabric. The following gallery is just a glimpse into part of my life. I am totally at ease and comfortable when I am engrossed.

These are just a few of the projects that have taken my time during the last few weeks. I didn’t dare show you all of them. I also included a picture of pears and a plum which is my current choice of inspiration. :) My poor husband tolerates my passion.

Full details of this challenge, and lots more information can be found here. Don’t forget to pop over to Just Snaps too.

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The wonderful thing about natural dyeing is that you never quite know what will emerge from the pot!

The wonderful thing about natural dyeing is that you never quite know what will emerge from the pot!

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The Proof of the Pudding

Do you remember my sleepless night?  Well I won’t hold it against you if you have forgotten, but as a result I produced these

They should have stayed bottled for longer, but we opened  them on my recent course. Here are just a few of the results.

These are rose leaves that have become imprinted into the fabric,

and these are from nothing other than paper fasteners.  They worked, that was the important thing, and now they can be developed further.  If you would like to try some safe experiments, maybe with a child under supervision, let me know and I’ll give you the ‘recipe’ for something that will definitely work.

Oh, and do you remember the ‘Crumbs‘?  Here’s the result

Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple

Goodness!  Purple!

Having just returned from a few days teaching dyeing, you have no idea how appropiate this is.  In fact, once the photographs are fully downloaded I will probably have enough pictures of purple for one a day for a month!

This one was taken earlier today.  After dyeing we decorated the flora in an attempt to dry as much in the sun as possible.  These two ‘got away’!

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Yes, they do look like crumbs, don’t they, but they are in fact the contents of a teabag!

Just one of the things I’m happily playing with while I’m teaching at Urchfont.  I’m there for the last time, so my camera will be as hot as the dyeing water.  Back soon with more pictures here and on Just Snaps.

What’s cooking?

So, what did you do at 2am this morning?

Well, I couldn’t sleep.  I didn’t go to bed until after midnight, but I had a recipe going round and round in my head, and I knew that it would carry on like that unless I did something about it.  All was still and quiet, so I could concentrate, and that’s what I did.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that – and quite a lot of the other, you know the sort of thing I mean.  By 3.15 it was all bottled, and now we just have to wait.

Now you didn’t expect it to be edible, did you?  It’s a wait and see recipe, so that’s the cooking part.  It won’t be opened until my dyeing course which happens in just 10 days. It will be quite exciting to see what has happened.

That’s all I have time for now, you see the milk is just about to boil over…….

……… and I need that for my calico!