Chapter One – A Cautionary Tale

There will be several posts today.  It is catch up time, and I’ll link each one back to this first one.  You may have thought that THE THINGS had already left, but far from it – they have continued to cause madness and mayhem as we travelled from place to place.  The time will soon come for them to move on, so this cautionary tale (and the ones that follow) are indications of what to expect for the next host or hostess.  I had hoped that a visit to our cultural and historical country would have given them a chance to mature, however, this first post will probably convince you that that is just NOT going to happen…..

So, it is a while since we travelled to South Wales.  It was a teaching trip at Busy Bees in Newport, and the last place I would have wanted them to come as I knew there would be too many opportunities for The Things to get lost.  Sadly, they have obviously learnt a thing or two on their travels, and I had not sooner removed my coat that to find…..

….. Two little Things trying to get out of my pocket!

What a shock for 14 lovely ladies!  It was meant to be a workshop on the embellisher, but as you will see, once they saw the colour there was no keeping the Things under control, and most of the time was spent chasing them around the room.

What a squeal went up when they saw these colours, they thought it matched their hair, and wanted a coat.  I can see they need some colour lessons!

Frankly, I think this went well with their hair, but they were more interested in hiding underneath it.  Thing One disappeared really quickly

It wasn’t long before they found this one.  Thing Two thought it made them invisible.  Thank goodness for turquoise hair!

At coffee time they found this flower!  They wanted it for a buttonhole……..       We had to drag them away.

They were only left alone for a minute.  Off they went again – this time find some pretty fibres.  It took us ages to untangle them,

and, undaunted, they just went off to find some more mischief.

We had hoped that they would take an afternoon nap, but no such luck.  They were desperate for a ‘go’, however I feel that they are too young to play with needles

So, another tangling seemed to be the order of the day!

They soon found more

More squeals announced that they had found another ‘buttonhole’

Then, just for a moment, they went quiet, and we thought they had gone to sleep!

We were wrong!  Off they went to play roly poly on another partly made cushion

but this was once again changed for some more quick tangling.

Finally, though, something took their eye, and all was peace until they saw something really unexpected out of the corner of the eyes


At last, we had some peace and quiet was negotiated!

Chapter Two is here

The final month, and a question

Yes, December is here!  That means eleven down and one to go – of blogging, I mean.  Today I have a question.

Does anyone have a Flip video?  Any observations?  I want a small, easy to operate, video that I can put onto a tripod.  There may be something else out there, but ease and speed of operation with reasonable results is what is required.  It is for use during workshops, so I don’t want to have to spend hours setting anything up – it must be for spontaneous use.

All comments greatly appreciated.

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Today’s Thursday Theme

A miss and a muddle

Firstly, if you missed yesterday’s post, or if you saw it and wondered what on earth it was all about I suggest you take another look.  There should have been a video there, but for some reason it suddenly disappeared.  I’ve put a link in so that you can find it, and it’s quite fun and clever.  Do take a look.

So that was the miss…… now for the muddle

Two weeks ago I had a request for a workshop in November of next year.  We booked the date and I popped it in the diary.  A few days later another phone call announced that the date was wrong!  It should have been a week earlier.  Am I still free?  No, not that week, but I am the one before…..  I waited for a confirming phone call.  Finally it came, no, that won’t work as the venue isn’t free.  What about December?  Well, that’s a little close to Christmas, but yes……

So.  New date put into diary.  Two days later another phone call.

‘Um, sorry, should have booked you for 2014!’

Am I free?

Who knows?

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Online dates

The next round of online courses starts on 22nd August.  There is more information from this link here.

Today’s collage!

It’s another sunset.

Six down!

Today is the last day for signing up to the current round of online workshops.  There will be another round in the autumn, and I’ll let you know when registration is open.  In the meantime, I’m amazed to have completed a full six months of blogging!  I wonder if I can continue for the rest of the year.  I certainly intend to give it a try.

We are about to embark on a busy weekend.  If you fancy a little trip out or two you might like to read this post and this one too.  Come and have a chat, we’d love to see you.


…. do the camera batteries always seem to need changing when you want to grab a photograph in a hurry?

I wanted a quick photograph for one of the current online courses.  I wanted it NOW!  A simple task.  Threads arranged – light perfect, but…..

And of course, exceedingly low battery also meant no preview picture, so quick snaps were the order of the day – and I just hoped that it would last long enough to load onto the computer.

Phew!  It died just as the last one loaded!

Not perfect, but it illustrates my point perfectly.  And that is…..?  LOL, you’ll have to join the course to find out!

WooHoo! I get to play for my health

A while ago I filled in a questionnaire.  I didn’t know what it was for – but last Friday I received this link, and all became clear.

Well, I’m not a quilter, but I do work in textiles.  The handle of the fabric is very important to me, and so is colour – that’s why I dye.  This article has given me absolute permission to carry on.  Hooray!

Today I’m playing with colour, but not in the way you might expect.

It’s for the next stage in my online course.  Don’t forget – there are still a few more days to sign up for the first level.

Off to play now…..

Best Foot Forward – again…

I just love teaching this workshop.  Tiny boots, and everyone loves them.  They aren’t easy, they are fiddly, but so rewarding.  Here are the ones the students made today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As Busy as a Bee

Last week was busy, and it’s continued over the weekend.

Saturday – Missenden Abbey Open Day

Sunday – Urchfont Manor

Two good days meeting lots of lovely people.  Tomorrow is something to look forward to as well….

Monday – Worthing Embroiderers’ Guild Workshop

We are playing around with the embellisher machine, and that is always fun.  I’ll try to remember to take some photographs for later in the week.

Tuesday – Watch this space.  I have yet to consult the diary.