Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes

Today is the first day of the Be Creative Weekend. Everyone is invited to join – the emphasis is on creativity – and the only ‘obligation’ is to do something for 15 minutes. There is a facebook group, and there are prompts to help if no inspiration is handy. So far I haven’t used any of the prompts – but I have been creative, here’s a picture of something I’ve done


A collection of threads nestling in dyes. Does it qualify? Well, it’s two sets of threes – but the real reason I’ve included it is that each pot contains three different colours! So it’s actually six threes!

Full details of the challenge can be found here and here’s one from Just Snaps too.

Ooooh! That was a shock!

I’m committed to being creative this year. I have already started, first of all it’s a question of flexing the creativity muscles, and I’m sure you’ll see something of what I create throughout this year.

As I wrote yesterday we celebrated New Year with some friends. At the last minute I decided to apply some nail varnish. I do wear it from time to time, and have my favourite colours, of course, however I was given an interesting new selection for Christmas, and last night seemed a good chance to try them out. It was long past daylight when I made my decision so the colours didn’t look quite as I remembered them.


Apologies for the reflections, in this bad photo of them still in the box, but if I’d seen them in good light it would have made it easier to make a choice.

I’m used to seeing various colours at the end of my fingers, usually one of many shades of red, but it was a bit of a shock to see them yesterday morning, in daylight, and as I made breakfast.


I promise the rest of my ‘painting’ will be a bit more creative.

Strike while the iron is hot.

Actually, there isn’t any ironing involved for me at this stage, but when it comes to preparation it’s just a question of getting on with it. So, instead of just talking about the new project I’ve actually started it.

The first stage is to work on the back. Yes, the BACK! Why? Well that will become apparent as I get a little further down the road, in the meantime, this will be the back



It’s a piece of wrinkled and crinkled cotton, a very fine cotton, and the texture is as a result of the dyeing process. At the moment it’s just as I want it. It won’t stay that way for ever, you will see how it changes way down the line.

So, the first stage is to tack it to another piece of cotton – one that’s slightly heavier.



This shows how fine the cotton is – it only has to be tacked around the edge at the moment – and I’m almost half way! If I get any further I’ll show you, but not tomorrow, because that is Wordless Wednesday ;)

Capture the Moment July #8

I’m sharing this picture later in the week on the garden blog, however, it made me smile so much when I saw it this morning that I’m sharing it with you all now.

July 2013 003a

I love the colours and all the textures. Most of all I love the frilly edges… Just like torn paper. If you’d like a few more smiles I suggest you take a look here :)

We’ve had a very hectic several days. Sorry if I’ve missed seeing your blog, I don’t think I can catch up with them all, but I’ll be reading again from this evening.

I love ironing


Did that get your attention? Did you think ‘That woman must be crazy!’ Well, let me put you straight – I don’t love ALL ironing!

Yesterday I spent my lunchtime doing something that I do love, though.

July 2013 022


What a mess! However, there is so much pleasure in the conversion!

First I ironed a selection dyed using one technique

dye 2


and then a few more which were the result of another

dye 1


The colours aren’t as vibrant as they are in real life, but I don’t have time to adjust in Photoshop.