Weekly Photo Challenge – On Top


There is nothing better than viewing the world through the eyes of children, so a trip to a Children’s Zoo was a pleasure. Of all the animals and birds that we saw these little chaps were the firm favourite!


And as you can see (top right) one of the little kids was definitely ‘on top’ of the world!

Full details of the challenge can be found here, and Just Snaps has a design source as the entry.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

Family always evokes memories. Some memories are dim and distant, but sometimes they are sharpened by a sight.


This recipe was passed down from (if not before) my great-grandmother. These were made by our daughter and enjoyed by us and our grand-children.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Joy


No matter what time of year – the joy is in the Pink!

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Just Remembering

I had a phone call today, completely out of the blue. My aunt has died.

Although I was very fond of her it was a difficult relationship. She was married to my maternal uncle, whom I love and see often, but they were divorced almost 60 years ago and she disappeared from our lives. It was many years later that my parents managed to contact her again, so from time to time I visited, but, as she lived over 300 miles away, mostly kept in touch via letters and the odd phone call. I last spoke to her after her 90th birthday in August. Last week I posted her Christmas card, and I was going to phone her this evening. Sadly her brother phoned at lunchtime to say that she had had a stroke and quietly slipped away.

I would like to be able to tell my mother, sadly it won’t mean anything. She won’t remember the happy times we all spent together nor will she remember her name. To be honest, she may not even remember that I have visited, but visit I will. I’ve left a message on my brother’s phone, and no doubt he will ring me at some point, but as he is younger than me his memories will be vastly different and he will feel much further removed from the event than I do.

Now, the object of this post is not to ask for sympathy, but it does bring bereavement nicely into the Christmas picture. This morning, while I was out walking, I met a friend – actually the mother of an old school friend of our son. She is the same age as me, but unlike me has no grandchildren in spite of having two sons. The younger (our son’s friend) is married but so far childless, his brother, however, died in 5 years ago in December in horrendous circumstances. As you can imagine he is uppermost in her thoughts at the moment, and, although she misses him every day, her sense of loss at this time of year is enormous. She hides away because she knows that others don’t want to see her distress because they no longer know what to say.

Grief takes a long time to work its way through. Sometimes it never goes. It’s easy to talk to someone about their loss immediately after it has happened, and then to move on – after all, life is for the living, isn’t it?

Please make a point of making Christmas just a little more bearable for someone this year. Instead of passing on the other side of the road – or scurrying past – or just ignoring them – take some time to visit and talk about a lost one. Husbands missing wives, wives missing husbands, parents missing children, children missing parents.

Probably not the post you were expecting from me today, but please remember that memories aren’t just for Christmas. Spread a little happiness – it lasts much longer than Santa.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Carefree


Not a care in the world! Full details of the challenge – and many more entries – can be found here. An entry from Just Snaps is here.

Just curious. Has anyone else had a problem with the WordPress iPad App after this morning’s update? Sadly mine no longer works…..

To my first born

Sweet babe in arms
for then
You were the centre of my world.
I gave you life
and LOVE, unmeasured,
knew no bounds.

I gave you life
and thought not, then,
of future and of pain.
Your world was mine,
and I would give you ALL
if that were asked.

So, now as then
YOUR peace and freedom
do I seek.
Your beauty is unchanged
but now I see
you as full grown

With strength and courage,
deep within your soul,
your Spirit free,
accountable and honest.
Your heart is full with
patience and compassion.

I still would give you all
for such is mother’s love
but now your ties are broken
and my heart is glad
to see you wander free
but firmly planted.

What makes you smile?

I am generally a happy person. I keep fairly positive, and hopefully this comes across as I write on this blog. Today Lori has asked the above question – ‘What makes you smile?’

Here’s a photo sequence that always makes me smile.

Our youngest grand-daughter is a happy little one. She is always smiling, and it’s infectious. We were playing hide and seek. Silly Grandma couldn’t find her ;)

Sadly children lose the spontaneity of such events. However, Grandma will always remember this with a smile.


Did I tell you I love figs?

I’m sure I’ve told you this story. No? Well, here we go

It was my brother’s 21st birthday. We had all gathered at a big fancy restaurant for dinner. How fancy? Well, I was wearing a long dress and long gloves! It must have been pretty fancy, but my dress would not have disguised the fact that I was pregnant. Apart from ourselves and my brother, my parents, and two uncle and aunts were there, along with a couple of cousins. We had great fun, lots of chatter, lots of wine including champagne (I’m trying to set the scene here!). (This was in the days when a glass or so of red wine was considered good for the baby, I hasten to add)

The dishes were served silently, coming and going with an effortless ease. We didn’t really notice the waiters, it was a really special evening. I have no memory of the first or main course. They must have been good, or I would have remembered them as bad. Finally the dessert menu was presented, and I chose fresh figs. Well……
It now transpired that the Maitre d’ was Greek. He suddenly went into ecstasy mode.! The whole restaurant became silent and everyone looked in our direction. ‘Madame! Madame! Madame, she want figs! Madame, she want fresh figs! She want FIGS! She is pregnant and she want FIGS! In my country, we know when a lady want figs when she is pregnant, she is expecting a boy. More champagne! She is expecting a boy.’ He went on in this vein for some time, the whole restaurant cheered, and we did indeed get a free bottle of champagne. I duly ate my figs and went home.

Three months later I gave birth to our daughter. I remembered this the other day when I read this post. Have you had your fig today? ;)