Time for Lunch?

Our winter lunch is usually a bowl of hot homemade soup.  It is warming, and a good way to consume extra healthy vegetables.  Occasionally, though, I will offer my other half his favourite – cheese on toast.  I make my own variation of Welsh Rarebit, and it is tasty, but not as healthy as soup.

We have two friends.  To preserve their anonimity I will call them Karl and Carla!  Karl is a very intelligent, hardworking, high flyer.  Carla is similar, but Carla also cooks.  Carla cooks well, so Karl has never learnt.  Recently Carla had to undergo a stay in hospital and an operation, of course, this meant that Karl needed to be ‘catered for’ during this period.  The freezer was suitably stocked with enough meals to feed an army, and Karl was on strict instructions to remove from the freezer tonight, that which he intended to eat tomorrow.  Directions were clearly marked on each serving, so for this period of time the microwave was to work overtime.

All went swimmingly until the night before Carla’s discharge.  Having mastered the realm of microwave Karl realised that there was ‘nothing’ to this cooking lark.  His last night of freedom in the kitchen would be to produce a piece of culinary expertise.  He had a yearning for cheese on  toast, and nothing would stop him now.  Cookery books were removed from shelves, recipes for moules mariniere, beef wellington and jalfrezi chicken were ignored, fingers flicked from page to page, earnestly looking for the recipe he desired.  Suddenly he had a light bulb moment!  Yes!  Of course!  Now he knew what to do.

Very carefully he took two slices of bread and buttered them on both sides.  With extreme exactitude he sliced Cheddar cheese, just enough to cover both said slices of bread.  Arranging them on top he hit upon the piece de resistance, and lovingly spread mustard over the whole.

With equal care he laid the toaster on its side and carefully slid each slice into its individual slot.  He pushed the on button and……….


The whole thing exploded!

Today’s 365 Days of Colour

Today’s Just Snaps


Dear Mr Amazon

Thank you very much for considering me so often.  Of course I appreciate being offered books at such very special offers.  However……

….. it would be rather good if occasionally you offered me books that I would like to read.  So, here are this week’s books I won’t be reading

Charles Dickens: A Life

The World of Downton Abbey

Twisted Lemon

Heroes of Olympus: The son of Neptune

It will take a lot more than your offer of a minimum discount of 55% to change my mind.  (If you decided to send them to me free of all costs I will gladly donate them to the library, but I still won’t be reading them).

Yours etc

The trouble with junk email is that it can’t be recycled.  At least the junk paper that comes through the letter box can be used for collage!

The end of a perfect day!

Just a quick post today, and a shot of the stand at the end of the first day at the Needlework Fiesta.  Lots to top up and replenish, that was done yesterday morning before we re-opened.  If you look carefully, you will see DH just disappearing out of the door.  He was anxious to see the sun and daylight!  We’d had a lovely day, but the weather was glorious and we were envious of those who could be outside.

We already have the dates for next year – maybe some of you can join us during the last weekend of April

Don’t forget that the next set of online workshops starts today.  Enrol at any time during April, more information here.

Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta

The New Forest is a lovely part of Hampshire.  Horses, ponies, cattle, sheep and pigs roam freely and there is a lot to see.  Each April there is a Fiesta par excellence, devoted to all things stitchy!  It’s normally at the end of April, but due to Easter it’s been moved forward and is happening tomorrow and Sunday.

Here we are, just about ready to open last year.  That’s us at the far end.  The way in is in the far left hand corner.  Exhibitions and demos too, so lots to see in other halls and upstairs.  Some of the sellers are listed on the above link.  Why not have a lovely day out and come and say ‘Hi’.  You can’t miss us.  As you enter the main hall you will see us on the left hand side – Winifred Cottage.

Don’t forget too, that there is still time to sign up for the two online courses that start after the weekend.  There’s more information linked from here.

Nothing New Under the Sun 2!

Last week I mentioned Vicky Lugg.  Vicky had a very talented daughter, Sarah who is also an artist.  For a time she was based at her parents’ house, and we had the opportunity to see her studio and whatever was the current work in progress.  It was sheer inspiration to watch her work, and I bought a few pieces of her artwork at the time.  She was using tags as an art base long before anyone else had thought of them, (bear in mind we are talking over 20 years ago now).  I recently looked again at the little book she compiled shortly after her Mother’s death.  It is called ‘The Nature of Friendship’ and is an abolute delight.  Sarah has a very special way with colour, and uses paper, fabric and threads

in a really interesting way.  This is the cover, and shows her individual style.

The words, often quotations, are beautiful too, and many are a tribute to Vicky.  If you can find a copy – snap it up.  I know you will be enthralled and inspired.

Paper, paper, paper, book

I love making little books almost as much as I love dyeing.  The wonderful thing is – I can combine both skills quite easily!

These little books were made with hand dyed paper, which is a by-product of the dyeing.  Colouring the paper is half the fun of making them, and I’m prepared to share a few secrets with you on this online course.  You will learn how to colour the paper, make and decorate the covers (without cutting mountboard if you want), and also investigate a few easy techniques to make some little bookies.  They are quick, easy and seductive!  I bet you won’t be able to only make one.  Here’s one of the really easy ones

I said you could personalise your covers

And sometimes, that is as easy as deciding which bookie you want to make!

More information here.

The three d’s

Well, it’s Monday morning.  It’s dreary, damp and dismal.  That’s just outside, though, inside I’m working with colour, so none of the above words apply!  (Not quite true, some parts of what I’m doing are just a little damp..)

I’m sloshing colour in a profuse manner.  It’s the best way to do it, and it’s how this was produced.

I had great fun creating the paper from which this was cut (more so as I did it at 2.30 this morning!).  Now it is dry and adorning another little book

Of course, daylight would have made a better picture, but it will have to do for now.  My next job is to pop over to Etsy to list it, then I’m back to the dyes and paints and powders.  Today is a day for having fun.  (Although as I didn’t actually go to bed until after 4.30 this morning I may just take a quick nap during the afternoon, ssshhhh)

Just a little bit of fun

I haven’t been well.  I’ve had bronchitis, and it has been painful and irritating.  However, thanks to a dose of antibiotics I am now on the road to recovery.  I should have rested during this time, but unfortunately I had to work.   Today, however, was different.  No alarm, no reason to get up, so what happened?  Well, I expected to wake at about 6 am, the time the alarm usually rings, however, I slept on – and on – and…..  It was after 9.30 when I woke.  I’m sure it has done me good.

I recently re-opened my paperpatches shop on Etsy.  That too had been lying dormant (for over a year) and have been having a little bit of fun restocking it.  As far as I am concerned it is an easy and quick way to be creative.  I love using paper, it stitches so beautifully, and it can become so many things, but I don’t have time for that at the moment.  It is so frustrating to have to quash the creative spirit, so to find a little outlet is great.  I have been using papers made during various dyeing processes to decorate some cards and books, and I have to say that they look much better in real life than they do onscreen.  However, they have started selling, so that’s good too.

This morning I started sorting some papers ready for a few more which I will make during the week.  (I need to feel stronger to punch the holes.)  In so doing I came across this little piece..

Now, here is a quiz.  Can you see the cow’s face?