Weekly Photo Challenge – On Top


There is nothing better than viewing the world through the eyes of children, so a trip to a Children’s Zoo was a pleasure. Of all the animals and birds that we saw these little chaps were the firm favourite!


And as you can see (top right) one of the little kids was definitely ‘on top’ of the world!

Full details of the challenge can be found here, and Just Snaps has a design source as the entry.

I’ve just realised that it’s Thursday

Yes, it’s true, it was Thursday when I woke – and I knew it was that day of the week. I’ve been realising that it was Thursday all day – but I’ve just realised that it’s


I don’t watch much television. There are all sorts of reasons why, but I won’t go into those here, they are pretty boring in all honesty. I don’t know a lot about many programmes – but even if I don’t know much about the programme it is a sure thing to say that the sound of the introductory music of certain programmes is a definite prompt to turn OFF.

And that is how I suddenly remembered that it is THURSDAY

THURSDAY usually means that David Dimbleby must be avoided at all costs, however, having looked at the schedule (the first time this year) I see that he doesn’t appear to be part of this evenings viewing. What on earth will I do after the 10pm news which I always miss anyway?

Anything you will be missing tonight? As a non-TV watcher for 98% of the time I’ll probably be joining you.


100 Steps – April

And now for something just a little different.

Today we met our family for lunch. We celebrated two birthdays – two generations in fact, and had a lovely time. A cooked lunch on a Sunday is a rarerity. Our main meal of the day is usually in the evening, nothing to prepare tonight, though. Instead of travelling home by the direct route we took a ramble around the countryside. It was almost a Sunday afternoon drive (the weather was perfect for such an event) but our way was more directed – we were visiting a friend who has a farm.

The farmhouse is surrounded by a perfect cottage garden. The plants are all waking up but two, by the gate, were absolutely stunning.

I couldn’t resist a closeup of one.


The flowers reminded me of little ballet dancers.

Normally I take detailed shots for my 100 steps. Today, though, I was too involved in the general views. And why not? Just look at what was in store just a few steps away from the trees

However, only a few more steps and we were able to see the reason for our visit today

And all within 100 steps

What fun was had by all!

Last weekend saw another of the Be Creative Weekends on Facebook. It was a little odd for me because I was unexpectedly away from home so couldn’t follow in the usual fashion – even though I had organised it. However, it all passed without a hitch and work is still ongoing on many of the projects.

This time I added a twist to one of the prompts. Small pieces of Art are being produced and then ‘LOST’ in various places and left waiting to be ‘FOUND’. It’s an exercise that has created fun over many years, and I decided after a very successful exchange of postcards last month that the group was ready to take things a step further. Some of the pieces are already ‘lost’, others are travelling to their losing destination as I write, and still more are in various stages of construction. You can see some items here (all photographs supplied by the participants) and it will be worth looking again in a few days as more and more will be added. More information about the towns etc will be forthcoming too, you never know, you might find one.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections

The waiting room at the dental surgery is somewhere I reflect at least 4 times a year. Whether there for a ‘check-up’ or visit to the hygienist I often reflect on how I’ve actually been brave enough to come. Memories of dentistry in my early life are not for this post, but they weren’t pleasant. The surgery is housed in a building with many of the original Edwardian features still intact. A recent visit revealed a change-around of furniture and, as I was called quickly for my appointment, this was the only reflection apparent during that time.


One of its ‘companion’ windows, showing bluebirds, is here. Full details of the challenge can be found here, and another will appear on Just Snaps shortly.

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Today I was very brave

I’m willing to bet that most of you are more brave every day than I was today, but first of all let me set the scene.

I wear glasses – spectacles to correct my short sight. Without them everything is very blurred.

Really blurred!

Really, really blurred.

So, when I went outside to sort out my dyeing area prior to sorting the next batch I shouldn’t really have gone out without wearing them.

But I did.

Everthing was as I had left it, all was in order, except……

…… there was something moving.

It wasn’t moving very much, but it was definitely moving. It was also most definitely where something should NOT be moving!

So what did I do?

Well, without thought of risk or safety I carefully took hold and moved it to the nearby earth patch.

Thankfully I had my camera with me. My camera doesn’t need specatcles so I photographed to record the spot! After donning said specs I knew I could return and tackle the wriggling, squiggling thing.

But then I learned a hard lesson.

The camera DOES lie!


You see, when I inspected the photograph all I could see was a worm! Can’t see it? Well it’s there – amongst the greenery just above left of centre. If you still can’t see it send me an email and I’ll give you a grid reference. The trouble is, the squirmy thing I saw was about 10 times the size and all shades of red orange blue and green, breathing smoke and flames and certainly had scales and probably wings. After all – how else could it have arrived on my outside dyeing table?

So all I can say is – never dye without your specs, and I’ll never trust my camera again.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside

This is not the most original of interpretations, but this picture has been waiting in its album for an outing. So here it is.

Inside 1

Every now and then we park outside this shop on our way home from a visit. It is always empty – apart from the occasional girl sitting behind the till and communicating on her mobile. She was missing when I took this picture. I like the pink chair, though. But I bet it’s uncomfortable ;)

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100 Steps – March

The weather has been better, but there is till a lot of water lying around. I haven’t been able to go out much as I have been performing ‘nursly’ duties, however, it looks as though those won’t be needed for much longer. Yesterday I had to go out to make sure there was something in the larder! I opted to walk because I really needed a little extra time – and the fresh air was good. Although only March the weather seemed to be offering April showers – thankfully I avoided the heaviest, but I kept my eyes firmly on the ground so as not to step in too many of the currently ever-present puddles!

The sun is shining today – but those puddles will still be there. Hopefully they won’t feature in another 100 steps, though ;)