In celebration – or – What do you want to know about fracking? – or – how to reach 1000 without even trying.

Has the title put you off? It’s a bit long, I admit. But if you are honest there is probably something there for everyone!

Here it is! the 1000th post. I never thought I would get here – so this is being written with a touch of amazement. Of course, I haven’t kept count, but dear old WordPress has done that for me and it was completely painless. It only seems a short while since I moved from the blogger platform and I have to say that blogging here has been very much easier and more enjoyable. Thank you so much for joining me on my journey – there are over 1000 of you, and that amazes me.

I thought I’d ‘celebrate’ by having a serious discussion. What do you know about fracking? Well, last night I made a really momentous decision. Let me tell you how it came about…..

From time to time I give talks to various groups. Last night we visited a local one, and it’s safe to say that many of the members are friends and a few are customers too. This doesn’t make the talk any easier, however, a talk is a talk – and you have to give value for money when people are making the effort to come and listen. Just as we were about to leave we had a phone call. It purported to be from a marketing company – and they were asking us to invest in a scheme for fracking…..

Now, this may be a lucrative enterprise, fracking may be safe etc, etc, etc but frankly fracking was the farthest thing from my mind and I was quite angry that they had called. In fact, I ‘festered’ almost all the way to the venue. Now the journey wasn’t very long, so in reality I didn’t waste an enormous amount of time on the subject, but I did make a decision!

Recently my artwork has moved in a slightly different direction. I’ve been working for some time on a project re Alzheimers, and that hovers and hoovers around my brain all the time. Topics that include broken images, scribbles, scrawls, incomplete sentences – I’m sure you get the drift – have been uppermosts in my thoughts every time I lift a pen or paintbrush. This page from my sketchbook (which is one of the things I showed them last night, by the way) gives you an idea


Now, you may look upon these as scribbles. I, however, view them rather as stitch marks or ideas that might lead to stitch marks. but you can call them whatever you like for the time being.

The journey to a talk, no matter how short, is a very important part of my preparation. Most of it has happened before we leave – but I don’t use notes and the message must relate to NOW, even if I’m talking about something that I made a while ago. So the fracking conversation moved towards the back of my mind before very long. I began to think about the sequence of laying out my samples, the demo bits (I don’t always demo, but it was an integral part of this talk) and then I had a flash of inspiration!


Scribbles were no longer part of my design process! My scribbles were to be renamed FRACKLES! Which meant that now my samples were now samples of FRACKING!

This morning I did my 15 minutes of creativity – and I thoroughly enjoyed my Fracking. However, shortly afterwards I had a phone call.

Him ‘Good morning madam, I represent xxx one of the oldest marketing firms in the City of London’

Me ‘Oh yes, and what are you marketing today?’

Him ‘Have you heard of fracking’

Me ‘Oh yes! And I’ve just been doing it?

Him ‘Really? How have you been doing it?’

Me ‘Now you really don’t think I’m going to give my secrets away to a total stranger, do you?’

Him ‘But I’m really interested’

Me ‘In that case, I’ll admit that it’s one of the countries most underused recreational pastimes and I’m looking for investors. Are you interested in becoming one of my financial backers?’

The phone went dead.

And all due to to Fracking!

(Please leave a comment below – it might just win you a Fracking Sample


It’s official!

My heart sank when I discovered that this summer is full of sporting events that are to be televised. I’m still getting over the Olympic Games – and we must be about half way towards the next occurrence. Anyway, nothing along those lines is in the least of interest to me – so I have been offering an alternative in the way of Journal prompts etc. I’ve been writing and drawing and painting and dyeing and sketching and sewing…… well, you get the picture ……. my form of sport is to walk and watch and look at nature and my surroundings, I don’t need the added impetus of competition which seems a total waste of time to me.

Anyway, the latest (non)event to be added to our screens is the games of the Commonwealth. I didn’t watch the opening ceremony – in the same way that I didn’t watch of any other (non)event, and nor did my other half, which surprised but delighted me. As a sports fan, however, he has dipped in to the viewing from time to time and today he made a very surprising statement.

‘These games are about as interesting as watching paint dry’

Well, there I would have to differ, because I think that watching paint dry can be one of the most exciting occupations :) However, if he’d asked I could have told him not to bother in the first place. Some people, though, have to discover things for themselves ;) ;) ;)

(Just my personal opinion – if you want to watch that’s fine by me – but try watching paint, it might just bring a little more joy to your life)

Not too late to join in with the journaling, by the way, you can find out more here

Oh, and my next post on this blog is number 1000. How on earth can I celebrate that? Ideas below please.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer-Lovin’


For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge I’ve chosen a pair of flip flops. A pair of size 14 flip flops! Not mine – but our son’s. It isn’t the flip flops that I love – it’s the son ;)

Don’t miss the one from Just Snaps too.

Anyone got any scissors?

I did warn you that this blog gave me permission to write about anything and everything. So, here’s another ‘anything’. I came across this blog yesterday when I was looking for some information. The answer wasn’t on this page, but this was

Design by Satu Maaranen


There are another couple of outfits by the same designer there, so pop over and take a look if you feel so inclined.

I love the fabric. I’d love to cut it all up and rearrange it – those that have followed my #summerjournal will probably understand what I mean – but the one thing I know for certain is that I won’t be wearing any of it.

Which brings me to the point really.

When will people actually realise that because it is in the shop – it doesn’t really mean it’s wearable? And frankly, if that means that I’m an old fuddy duddy, I really don’t care!

(But I do   L O V E   the fabric!)

A touchy subject

If Scotland votes for independence we will still be able to call ourselves the UK. We’ll just put an ‘Un’ in front of United (Ununited)!

How long will it take Alex Salmond to change his name to Stuart?

How long will it take him to declare himself king?

I have heard that they are oiling the gates at Traquair House.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Containers


Not a very original container, but the contents are unusual. Stitched shells by my friend Fay, and also the real thing. Spotted on Saturday. Full details of the Weekly photo challenge can be found here. Just Snaps has a different interpretation.

The end of a quiet Sunday

We are expecting noise this week. We had some last week – but not as much or as regularly as last week. This slideshow will give you an idea of what we might hear (ignore the mark on the lens – too late to remove it)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hear? Yes, we’ll hear them. It’s Farnborough Air Show, but I won’t bother watching. I prefer to see the practice – and that’s what we had last week. So today we have been making the most of peace and quiet.