2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 29,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 7 Film Festivals

I’m amazed to see that I had so many visitors as my reason for blogging is to write rather than be read, if that makes sense.  I’d like to thank each and every one of you for following my blog in some capacity and especially like to thank those that took the time to ‘like’ and comment on a post. It is very much appreciated. I had forgotten that WordPress kindly do this each year, so it was a bit of a surprise to receive the information. Here’s to another year of blogging, and I’m taking the bull by the horns and doing it once a day again here. This blog has settled into it’s own little niche, and I will continue in a similar vein in 2013. Blogging each day in 2011 helped so much with my creativity that I want to recharge my creative batteries.

I’m looking forward to reading some of your statistics too, I’ve followed some excellent blogs during the last year! I hope to be better at visiting now that I have discoverd I can read more from my iPad.

Have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and very best wishes for 2013

Click here to see the complete report.

All Strapped Up

I considered calling this post ‘Sexy New Bedwear’, but decided against it.  I’m not sure how many new readers might have been attracted, but I didn’t want to shock my regular readers……

So, all strapped up, it is.  You see, I may have carpal tunnel syndrome, so I’ve been provided with these to wear on my hands at night

Aren’t you envious?

You never know what you will find….

A quiet 10 minutes at Urchfont Manor, so I took a stroll through the grounds.  I usually make the same circuit, but today I decided to do something different.

I stayed within the confines of the Manor, but towards the perimeter I could see the village

Each year or so they have ‘ART in the GARDEN’, this year was no exception, and here is something that was left behind.


Surely it’s just an old tree trunk with insect boxes?

Don’t be surprised at what’s inside

You never know what you wil find :lol:

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

And now for something slightly different!  I’ve told you quite a lot about my family this year, so today I thought I’d show you my part of my colour family!

But if you want a little more of the real family take a look at this……

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Today’s 365 days of Colour

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The Green Room

This morning I discovered that my DH had taken a wobbly photo last week.  While I was ‘strutting my stuff’ on the TV he was quietly and patiently waiting in the green room, and playing with his camera.  It has all sorts of bells and whistles on it, and with nothing better to do, he was experimenting a little.  Well, most of the results were suitable deleted, but he discovered a lot, and a few were left.  The one below was taken by accident, or at least, while trying out the various zooms, and not aimed at the screen, hence the quality, but it if you squint carefully you can see a vision of blue – and that is me!
Which brings me to the ‘Green Room‘ !  As you can see, it isn’t!  Green, that is!  However, it was comfortable, and he spent 9 hours patiently waiting for me.  He met lots of lovely people, and didn’t fall asleep in front of the TV – which of course he would have done, if he had been at home!

The links below are both a bit rusty!  What a shame I didn’t have another in the theme to follow here…….

365 Days of Colour

Just Snaps

THREE, not Two

Well, yesterday came and went.  I enjoyed it, and it seemed to go well.  However, instead of doing 2 hours on TV they asked if I could do an extra one too, so it was a very late and long journey home.

I’m doing everything slowly today, so this is all I can manage today.  If you missed it there is the smallest of excerpts online, and you can find a link to it here.  Thanks to all of you that either emailed me or the show.  I’ll be answering you all very soon.

Fancy a cuppa?

I don’t like to say that things come in threes!  To be honest, I’m not superstitious, and if something goes wrong my experience tells me that that is probably all that will happen – or that EVERYTHING will go wrong – not just three little things.  So, when the TV was blown, the Microwave too, I wasn’t too surprised that the kettle and a variety of sockets were also the victims of our mini powercuts.

Fortunately everything else was ‘cooking with gas’, so we were able to continue making our tea by boiling our water in a saucepan until the situation could be rectified.  I didn’t realise at the time that it would be so difficult to take a picture of a boiling pan of water!  I actually wanted to catch it at a particular moment, but found it impossible, so you will have to make do with the one above.  You see the whole thing reminded me of a moment of light relief (several moments, if truth be told) from my (very early) childhood.

Before we go any further I should remind you that I am old.  No, I’m very old.  You see my little grandson has worked out that I am 175, so who am I to disillusion such a young mind?  175 I will remain for the rest of my life, no doubt.  You will all grow older, but I am already there….. and there I will stay.  So, at this great age I obviously have memories that some of you will never have had the pleasure of experiencing, and others will have similar ones that have been forgotten.  That pan of water brought one to mind.  Who remembers Dr Finlay’s Casebook?  Black and white TV was the order of the day, and the two doctors were kept in order by their Scots housekeeper played by Barbara Mullen.  This might have been the highspot of her career as far as some of you are concerned, but my memory isn’t of this programme, but of something that went before this. The public information films that are shown today are a far cry from those shown in the early days of television.  In retrospect they were full of propoganda, but there was one that was shown time and time again, and starred Barbara Mullen.

How do you make the perfect cup of tea?  Warm the teapot, add the perfect amount of tealeaves, etc, however, the most important thing was the water.  Best boiled in an open pan it should be left until “……. all the little bubbles start moving towards the centre”

I remember watching it and thinking how lovely the bubbles looked as they moved towards the centre, in fact they became quite mesmeric!  The problem was that Barbara then moved the pan to make the tea – and I wanted to watch the bubbles a bit longer!!  Looking back, though, I’ve often remembered it, because I have never boiled a pan that produces bubbles in the same way.  In retrospect I think that maybe she wasn’t boiling water after all, and it was all just a sneaky way to get everyone to use, and therefore pay for, more power!  Would Barbara enter into such deceit?  Who knows, but until I see that film again I’ll continue to wonder..

(Until tomorrow)

The best laid plans…..

The day was planned, lots to do.  It was mainly preparation for Wednesday, but unbeknown to me someone else had a plan too……

Unfortunately our freezer gave up the ghost when we had our power cuts the other day.  There is another one on the way, but when we presented with a large quantity of crab apples we knew that we couldn’t store them indefinitely.  I thought they would stay until the end of the week, but a very helpful DH decided that he would prepare them last night….

So, they too needed to included into the equation that was today.  I’ve been trying to convert them into jelly since first thing this morning.  I can’t count the interruptions I’ve had, but THE ARE NOW CONVERTED!

Phew!  We won’t be tasting it yet, but it looks the most glorious shade of pink.  I tried taking a photograph, but the steam got in the way……