Unequal Terms

Two posts in one day? Who would have thought it, and this one is much more interesting than what follows…….

Did you know that today is Blog Action Day?

Have I ever encountered inequality in my life?


Fact, not fiction.

I encounter it every day.

Why? Because I am WOMAN

I deal with it.


There will never be total equality in this world. We all have to deal with whatever……. however.


Last week we visited Missenden Abbey again. I had the chance to wander in the grounds even though it was a dank and dull day. It seemed to rain whenever I was free to wander, but I specifically wanted to take a photo of these flowers.


Rudbeckia, otherwise known as Black Eyed Susans and more, is a popular plant in gardens at this time of the year, and is a welcome splash of colour as the days shorten and the sun is less obvious in the sky. However, it wasn’t the perfect bright petals that had drawn my eye but those that were withering and fading. If it had been dry I would have quickly sketched them, but after taking these shots I ran for cover.


I began my stitching journey many years ago, first at the feet of my mother and grandmother and stitched my first sampler, which, of course, was in cross-stitch. I still have it, somewhere. In the late 1980s I embarked upon a City and Guilds course in Creative Embroidery (in truth I think it was called something different then). and I stitched another sampler. This time the ‘samples’ were of threads – different types and, due to the subject matter, shades and colour too.


The subject of the sampler was Rudbeckia. The flowers were hand drawn, then the design transferred to the fabric via a tracing method. Badly stitched (it was very early in the course) it features about a dozen different types of thread, and if you look closely you will see evidence of my very first hand-dyeing efforts. Seeing the Rudbeckias that morning reminded me of this effort, and I think it’s time to make another. This time I will approach it differently. It is on my ‘to do’ list, but first….

….. draw the Rudbeckia!


Sometimes, there are things that strike you as so beautiful you just want to keep them to yourself.

Yesterday I met a good friend and we strolled amongst the colours

Some of them were a bit bizarre


But some of them I just wanted to ‘hold’ on to for ‘ever’



But as you aren’t reading this I can!


(Not) 100 steps

It’s been a while since I posted one of these little self-challenges. I have photographed several, but somehow forgotten to put them online. They will appear at some point, but today I’m doing something slightly different.

I’ve had ‘flu! Thankfully I didn’t have it very badly, but at the same time my DH had a dose as well. Now I want to assure you that this was NOT manflu. It was the genuine article, and he was really poorly. I don’t want him to know that there were times when I was really worried about him – but I know that I can rely on you not to say anything. Today was actually his first day out for some time. We had some packages to post, and that is usually ‘his’ task. He was determined to do it today, but I went along as well, just in case. We walked into town – a distance of just over a mile – but it took nearly twice as long as usual he is so weak. I won’t bore you with all the details of a rather boring walk, but suffice it to say that he had to sit and rest on the way home, in our local park.


Basically it’s a wide open space on which soccer is played at weekends by amateur teams, but is surrounded by trees and even has it’s own small nature reserve. Today we were only using it as a short cut – and this was part of our view from the ‘resting place’. I was very tempted to leave my beloved and just take those few 100 steps, but thought better of it. So, instead, I’m sharing a few shots taken from one spot.

It was a beautiful day. Blue skies and sunshine. Perfectly autumn.

And then, on arrival home, the dream was shattered


The Weekly Photo Challenge is Dreamy. I was determined not to enter this week…… so you can draw your own conclusions ;)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Signs

Today’s inspiration from the Weekly Photo Challenge:

All I wanted was to get a picture of the grid!

Here’s a sign from Just snaps, too.

And a few more worth checking out: