Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge – Monumental

Size is relative.

When walking along the prom even the smallest cliff seems monumental



Full details of the challenge can be found here, and one from Just Snaps, featuring something slightly different, will be along shortly.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections

The waiting room at the dental surgery is somewhere I reflect at least 4 times a year. Whether there for a ‘check-up’ or visit to the hygienist I often reflect on how I’ve actually been brave enough to come. Memories of dentistry in my early life are not for this post, but they weren’t pleasant. The surgery is housed in a building with many of the original Edwardian features still intact. A recent visit revealed a change-around of furniture and, as I was called quickly for my appointment, this was the only reflection apparent during that time.


One of its ‘companion’ windows, showing bluebirds, is here. Full details of the challenge can be found here, and another will appear on Just Snaps shortly.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned


Abandoned or waiting for a bucket? Full details of the challenge can be found here and one from Just Snaps via the link.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes

Today is the first day of the Be Creative Weekend. Everyone is invited to join – the emphasis is on creativity – and the only ‘obligation’ is to do something for 15 minutes. There is a facebook group, and there are prompts to help if no inspiration is handy. So far I haven’t used any of the prompts – but I have been creative, here’s a picture of something I’ve done


A collection of threads nestling in dyes. Does it qualify? Well, it’s two sets of threes – but the real reason I’ve included it is that each pot contains three different colours! So it’s actually six threes!

Full details of the challenge can be found here and here’s one from Just Snaps too.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure


These might look like scraps of just any old fabric. They are, however, silk pieces reclaimed from a damaged antique kimono. Some of you have seen them elsewhere, but they were loving pieced and patched to make a book cover for a dear friend. Hopefully my ‘found’ treasure will now be ‘treasured’ by my friend.

Full details of the challenge can be found here, and Just Snaps is here.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Selfie


Full details of the challenge can be found here and Just Snaps has a different interpretation.

Weekly Photo Challenge – object

Looking back to the summer – to remind myself that we haven’t had rain for every day within the past 365! In fact we had a good summer, so here and on Just Snaps are pictures from a beautiful day out.


Full details of the challenge are here, and Just Snaps has one that is rather different.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Juxtaposition

Coincidence? Well, whether it is or not the title fits perfectly with a creative endeavour that is happening this weekend. I wrote about it earlier and anyone is welcome to join in there too.

During the recent stormy weather I have been documenting certain views. These have mostly been to record the rise and fall of the water. The one I have chosen to show you today is quite difficult to capture as, for most of the day at this time of year, the sun is too low for a good shot. I have taken to hiding in the shadow of a tree so that I can fool the camera. On this particular day I wasn’t the only one behind a tree. The cyclists emerged just as I pressed the trigger!


I hope that at least some of you will choose to be creative with us over the weekend. This is a monthly ‘happening’. Full details of the Weekly Photo Challenge can be found here and one from Just Snaps is here..

Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

Family always evokes memories. Some memories are dim and distant, but sometimes they are sharpened by a sight.


This recipe was passed down from (if not before) my great-grandmother. These were made by our daughter and enjoyed by us and our grand-children.

Family. The subject of the Weekly Photo Challenge – and full details can be found here. One from Just Snaps too.

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