Travel Theme

Travel Theme – Circles

I have a frantically busy weekend. Lots going on, so the posts are coming thick and fast before the fun begins. I’ll probably tell you all about it on Monday, so watch this space, as they say. The travel theme is ‘circles. Here are some that I’ve found on my travels.

6Taken just a couple of days ago you can see the remnants of our early snowfall.

blog flower 2Circles in nature are always a joy. These seem things of the past, but they will reappear next year.


And lastly, a circle of sauce! Don’t forget to check out the other entries here.

Travel Theme – Hot!


It’s cold here at the moment, so heat has to be found in other ways. A trip to an eating place fills the need, especially when it serves a dish that is not only hot to touch, but seasoned well with spices. It may not look much, but it was delicious. No, that isn’t chocolate that you see around the edge – it’s balsamic vinegar!

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Travel Theme – Animals / Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

Last week I entered the Travel theme for the first time as the Weekly Photo Challenge was late and ailsapm kindly issued an invitation to join in. This week the WordPress challenge arrived on time. The theme is Happy and my entry is here, but it was a ‘toss up’ as to the subject I chose. This week’s travel theme is perfect, it fills the gap and links both themes together from my point of view.

Imagine a cottage in beautiful countryside. We stay there regularly, and we are surrounded by the gentlest of animals.  All these photographs were taken within yards of each other.

To make it absolutely perfect it’s also close to the sea, and to be relaxing there makes me extremely happy.