A Creative Weekend

As bloggers we are all creative. Creativity can take many forms and sometimes it’s good to indulge. Over the years I’ve found that doing something regularly is the best way to warm up the creative juices and find something we really enjoy. I’ve blogged about this before when I first joined postaday a few years ago. Now I still post every day – but in a variety of places according to topic. It isn’t the blogging every day that has been important but the doing something that has enabled me to go on and do more.Every day I squeeze in just 15 minutes (obviously more if I can) and do something creative. I keep misquoting Picasso – but as he said ‘Inspiration comes, but it has to find you working’

This coming weekend is destined to be a creative weekend why not join us? Find 15 minutes – more if the fancy takes you – and do SOMETHING! Maybe try something new – or indulge yourself in something you LOVE! Take a look here on Facebook This is the Friday page – but if Saturday or Sunday suit you better then there are events scheduled for then too. Then join us in the group It’s a closed group – that just means that you have to be approved. As it’s me doing the approving you can always let me know who you are blogwise if you wish. So far there are people from the UK, USA, SA,  Aus and NZ. Several from Europe too. After last year’s illness I’m still finding it difficult to do the things I really love – but I’m determined to get back into full flow this year and finish all my outstanding commitments and work on some new ideas.

I hope you will join us, but even if you can’t maybe you will spread the word. It could be a GREAT BUMPER WEEKEND. What qualifies? Almost anything – photography, writing, poetry, blogging, art, textiles, stitching, embroidery, quilting ….. even numbers are creative – so…… what’s your excuse? ;)

See you there…..

There are bags, and then there are BAGS!

Way back in the summer we went to an Exhibition and I made up my mind to buy myself a bag. Somehow, although it was reserved, it slipped through my fingers and I never did get it.

Until Monday! :)

I once again met the maker, my friend Alison, and now I’m the proud owner of the most useful bag I’ve found.

Alison Hulme 2

Alison Hulme was one of the students that graduated from Eastleigh College textiles degree course this year. She designs and makes these bags from scratch. The outer fabric is screenprinted with her own designs,


and mine is a beautiful dark navy with cream.


Lined with ticking, it is the most capacious bag with comfortable STRONG handles,


and I LOVE IT! Take a look at her site and email her for one – they are very good value. She also makes Pinnys. She’s making me one of those too. :)   Tell her I sent you, but not too loudly or she might tell you a few of my secrets…….. You know what they say….. ‘You can never have too many bags!’

I love ironing


Did that get your attention? Did you think ‘That woman must be crazy!’ Well, let me put you straight – I don’t love ALL ironing!

Yesterday I spent my lunchtime doing something that I do love, though.

July 2013 022


What a mess! However, there is so much pleasure in the conversion!

First I ironed a selection dyed using one technique

dye 2


and then a few more which were the result of another

dye 1


The colours aren’t as vibrant as they are in real life, but I don’t have time to adjust in Photoshop.


The Answer is NO! Or Capture the Moment May #13

A while ago I was asked to make some bunting for my grand-daughter. I finished it today. It was an experience that I did not enjoy.

You would think it was an easy task, wouldn’t you? Cut the fabric, stitch the fabric, hang it up. That’s all there is too it.

Or is it?

Well, first the fabric. The one we chose was not easy to locate. No local shop had it and finally I was informed that it had been so popular every shop in the world had sold out. That may or may not be true, who knows, but eventually I did find some, and the cost implied that it was in the ‘if you don’t get it from here you won’t get it at all’ category..

So, pattern made (a whole sheet of A4 paper folded and cut to shape) I proceeded to cut into the fabric. At this point I discovered that He who shall be nameless had been using my ‘Don’t Touch!’ scissors, and the cuts were not all they should have been. Sharpening helped, but frankly I was beginning to become quite disheartened about the whole exercise.

Next stitching. Now things began to go smoothly. The sewing machine stitched like a dream, fronts were stitched to backs in record time and as for the turning! Well, I was amazed at just how easy it was once the excess seam had been suitably trimmed. Now to attach to the tape.

The fabric is a heavy furnishing cotton. I had chosen a tape of similar weight and they went together perfectly. In fact, they went together just a little too well. You see, I had also chosen the perfect thread! I couldn’t see where the thread began and the tape and fabric ended. As I was stitching by candle light the new money saving light bulbs I couldn’t see what I was doing. I should have started in daylight – but it was only a half hour job, wasn’t it?

Daylight came. Yes, first thing this morning I attacked the project again. My goodness! Yes, that thread does match. Even the long ‘uncut’ trails vanished – yes, in daylight! Finally, and with only half an hour of stitching the flags were completed and are now awaiting delivery.


They actually look rather pretty, and I will take a proper picture when they are hanging up. However, will I make some for you? The answer is in the title.

Will I make some for other grandchildren? Of course I will. Just as long as ‘He’ stays away from ‘My’ scissors ;)

Capture the Moment – May #11

What do you do when the students don’t come at coffee time?

Take pictures of stock, of course

Then send them via the iPad!

Home soon, and then I’m making bunting, bet you didn’t expect that! ;)






Capture the Moment, May #2 – and more!

I have refrained from posting my work for sale on this site, not sure if that is a good or a bad thing, but at least this opening statement will warn those of you that think it is bad! I’m excited to share two new links. Meta from greeninthemiddle, also curates an online gallery. She has invited me to be part of this and today my first two items are listed.

I’ve also started a sort of ‘Mini Gallery‘ on Etsy. The work that I’m listing here is a collection of some of the Colour Studies that I make when I begin a new artwork. You have seen some of them before (here’s one), and at a later date I’ll probably be listing some of those. Frankly, though, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that I want!

Posts have been erratic partly because the internet still isn’t sorted, partly because my camera had somehow acquired a very nasty scratch on the lens. The latter has now been solved with a new purchase and the former should be resolved within the next seven days.  Sadly family problems are still uppermost in my mind and they, of course, must take priority.

Oh, the joys of the internet! At least the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day.