It’s Thursday ….. just….

This post was planned for earlier, to link to Just Thursday, even though the picture is not actually linked in any way at all….. However, this and that happened, and I’m just posting now.

This was the view that greeted us this morning.


Is it any wonder that I needed my coffee? How did your day begin?

Hope you will join in with the real Just Thursday? More details here.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Fray


This photograph is of an unusual textile technique. One thing that is definitely not required is fraying! However…….

Look to the left! – Yes, it’s starting to happen ……


Full details of the challenge is here and Just Snaps  has one for you and so too has Unblipped

100 Steps – March

The weather has been better, but there is till a lot of water lying around. I haven’t been able to go out much as I have been performing ‘nursly’ duties, however, it looks as though those won’t be needed for much longer. Yesterday I had to go out to make sure there was something in the larder! I opted to walk because I really needed a little extra time – and the fresh air was good. Although only March the weather seemed to be offering April showers – thankfully I avoided the heaviest, but I kept my eyes firmly on the ground so as not to step in too many of the currently ever-present puddles!

The sun is shining today – but those puddles will still be there. Hopefully they won’t feature in another 100 steps, though ;)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Juxtaposition

Coincidence? Well, whether it is or not the title fits perfectly with a creative endeavour that is happening this weekend. I wrote about it earlier and anyone is welcome to join in there too.

During the recent stormy weather I have been documenting certain views. These have mostly been to record the rise and fall of the water. The one I have chosen to show you today is quite difficult to capture as, for most of the day at this time of year, the sun is too low for a good shot. I have taken to hiding in the shadow of a tree so that I can fool the camera. On this particular day I wasn’t the only one behind a tree. The cyclists emerged just as I pressed the trigger!


I hope that at least some of you will choose to be creative with us over the weekend. This is a monthly ‘happening’. Full details of the Weekly Photo Challenge can be found here and one from Just Snaps is here..

Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginning

Not much imagination in this entry, but it was taken only seconds into the beginning of this year


No apologies for the quirky angle – it was deliberate.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – One


I took this photograph this morning. I couldn’t see if it was Howard or Hilda, but I’m sure it was one of our resident wood pigeons. They nest at the bottom of the garden.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Community

Station Car Park

Tucked up for the day, the cars of the commuting community. Work is in progress for  a new station building and car park. The community is currently very unhappy at the inconvenience.

Full details of the challenge can be found here, and here is one from Just Snaps

Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

With no intention of imitating Monet, this is one of the photographs I took last week.

July 2013 045

I’ve chosen it because firstly, never seen them growing before on this canal, and secondly because they are blooming for the first time!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Companiable

It will come as no surprise to those of you that follow my blog on a regular basis to discover that I share my life with colour. In fact, I think you might be disappointed if I didn’t admit it! I am happiest when I am silently working on a project, whether I am using paper, or fabric. The following gallery is just a glimpse into part of my life. I am totally at ease and comfortable when I am engrossed.

These are just a few of the projects that have taken my time during the last few weeks. I didn’t dare show you all of them. I also included a picture of pears and a plum which is my current choice of inspiration. :) My poor husband tolerates my passion.

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