It’s official!

My heart sank when I discovered that this summer is full of sporting events that are to be televised. I’m still getting over the Olympic Games – and we must be about half way towards the next occurrence. Anyway, nothing along those lines is in the least of interest to me – so I have been offering an alternative in the way of Journal prompts etc. I’ve been writing and drawing and painting and dyeing and sketching and sewing…… well, you get the picture ……. my form of sport is to walk and watch and look at nature and my surroundings, I don’t need the added impetus of competition which seems a total waste of time to me.

Anyway, the latest (non)event to be added to our screens is the games of the Commonwealth. I didn’t watch the opening ceremony – in the same way that I didn’t watch of any other (non)event, and nor did my other half, which surprised but delighted me. He has, however, dipped in to the viewing from time to time and today he made a very surprising statement.

‘These games are about as interesting as watching paint dry’

Well, there I would have to differ, because I think that watching paint dry can be one of the most exciting occupations :) However, if he’d asked I could have told him not to bother in the first place. Some people, though, have to discover things for themselves ;) ;) ;)

(Just my personal opinion – if you want to watch that’s fine by me – but try watching paint, it might just bring a little more joy to your life)

Not too late to join in with the journaling, by the way, you can find out more here

Oh, and my next post on this blog is number 1000. How on earth can I celebrate that? Ideas below please.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Containers


Not a very original container, but the contents are unusual. Stitched shells by my friend Fay, and also the real thing. Spotted on Saturday. Full details of the Weekly photo challenge can be found here. Just Snaps has a different interpretation.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

You all know that I love to dye. The results are always satisfying, but there is another stage……….

It’s right in the middle – half way through – between the wet and dry fabric!

It’s called RINSING.

And there are no short cuts! If you try…… this tangle is usually the result!

h 018

Full details of this week’s challenge can be found here and an entry from Just Snaps is ready to view too.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Room

If you missed my earlier post I hope you will take a look before you leave this site. It relates specifically to today, and refers to someone I love. There’s more to this post below than at first meets the eye, too – so don’t forget to scroll right down too.

This week’s Photo Challenge is ‘Room’. If the family see this they will laugh raucously, I’m sure, because I never have enough. I can fill a space before it is vacated! However, the one place I always ensure that I leave PLENTY of room is in the dyebath!



The fabric needs room to move in the fixing solution. Below are the results of part of the above collection



Incidently, if anyone is near South Wales and is interested in learning a little about dyeing, I’m teaching a day workshop on 14th June at Busy Bees Patchwork in Newport. There are a couple of places left, if you are interested email Busy Bees directly for details. It’s very good value and, apart from having fun, you will learn that it’s simple and logical to create colour on fabric.

Capture the Moment – May – 2

After a long day

Silence abounds in First Class

Concentration high.

Fingers working fast.

Completing work not done

Before arriving home.

A continuation of yesterday’s post.

A Day Off

I’m not used to having a day to myself! It’s surprising how quickly the diary is filled and there is no time left. Well, tomorrow will be different! I’m catching the train to London (yes, I am occasionally let out on my own) and will be heading to the area around Trafalgar Square. Here’s the reason.
Prism Textiles Exhibition


I had intended to go to the Private View, but sadly I need to be back before it starts….. However, I will make the most of the time that I have and enjoy my visit.

Prism is a group of artists that work in Textiles in some form or another. Their disciplines are wide and varied and if you have time to visit I know that you will find something to suit your taste. No promises for photographs – they often aren’t allowed at Exhibitions – but I’ll let you know about my trip later in the week. Let me know if you visit! Maybe I’ll see you there tomorrow………?


What are you doing this weekend?

Well, if you are at a loose end, why not join us by being creative? It doesn’t matter how you are creative – what does matter is that you indulge at least once – for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Activities will take place from 2nd – 4th May and As in previous events prompts will be posted here at regular intervals. You can join in with any – or all of them – or just qualify by doing SOMETHING CREATIVE for a minimum of 15 minutes. The prompts are exactly that – PROMPTS! How you interpret them is up to you. If you haven’t already done so I recommend that you follow the blog (email link in the sidebar) so that you don’t miss anything. Come and join us on Facebook too. More details and the link here.

Looking forward to seeing you.

What fun was had by all!

Last weekend saw another of the Be Creative Weekends on Facebook. It was a little odd for me because I was unexpectedly away from home so couldn’t follow in the usual fashion – even though I had organised it. However, it all passed without a hitch and work is still ongoing on many of the projects.

This time I added a twist to one of the prompts. Small pieces of Art are being produced and then ‘LOST’ in various places and left waiting to be ‘FOUND’. It’s an exercise that has created fun over many years, and I decided after a very successful exchange of postcards last month that the group was ready to take things a step further. Some of the pieces are already ‘lost’, others are travelling to their losing destination as I write, and still more are in various stages of construction. You can see some items here (all photographs supplied by the participants) and it will be worth looking again in a few days as more and more will be added. More information about the towns etc will be forthcoming too, you never know, you might find one.