1. Where I used to live, there was a family along the end and they started putting their decorations out before Halloween as they decorated the whole house, but their was a mess. There was no order to anything.

      2. This family has been doing it for a while and it’s grown each year. For the past three years the house next door has joined in with the odd light. This Christmas, however, I got the impression that they were a little more serious. There weren’t that many lights, but they just looked a bit more …… tacky.
        Can’t wait to see what they come up with this year…..
        On second thoughts, yes, I can!

      3. Yeah … tacky … that’s the word I was looking for. My mum’s disabled club goes around at Christmas looking at the lights, and when she saw the neighbours had started, she said they might add them to the list. Saw the results and said “ahhh … no!! lol Wonder if there’s a way to permanently trip the switch ;-)

  1. we often drive around for a tour of the local chav lights at christmas, but I must say that puts our local efforts to shame . they are missing the inflatable illuminated snow globe in the front garden though – i saw one of those recently and it was quite vile

    1. Maybe I’ll put a note through their door to let them know for next year. There’s another house on the other side of town that had a display set to music! Sadly I missed it ;)

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