Month: November 2011

All Strapped Up

I considered calling this post ‘Sexy New Bedwear’, but decided against it.  I’m not sure how many new readers might have been attracted, but I didn’t want to shock my regular readers……

So, all strapped up, it is.  You see, I may have carpal tunnel syndrome, so I’ve been provided with these to wear on my hands at night

Aren’t you envious?

Note to husbands everywhere

This is a paraphrase of something I heard.  Regrettably I can’t remember the source, so forgive me.

Christmas is the time to exchange gifts, and something thoughtful and pretty is often the order of the day.


……. If they come in packs of 5 and are white or navy blue…….

…….       THEY DON’T COUNT AS LINGERIE…………………………………………………………………..

……….they are just knickers.

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Sunday Morning Walk

The sky was blue, and so was the water.  We couldn’t resist a walk to the pond.  It’s really a nature reserve, and has a history all of its own.

It was lovely – except for the cyclists who were far too aggressive.   Such a shame.

There have recently been some improvements and you can read about them on this blog

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You never know what you will find….

A quiet 10 minutes at Urchfont Manor, so I took a stroll through the grounds.  I usually make the same circuit, but today I decided to do something different.

I stayed within the confines of the Manor, but towards the perimeter I could see the village

Each year or so they have ‘ART in the GARDEN’, this year was no exception, and here is something that was left behind.


Surely it’s just an old tree trunk with insect boxes?

Don’t be surprised at what’s inside

You never know what you wil find :lol:

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

And now for something slightly different!  I’ve told you quite a lot about my family this year, so today I thought I’d show you my part of my colour family!

But if you want a little more of the real family take a look at this……

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Shabby Little Secret

I have blogged before about our regular trips around the country, we pass through many different landscapes, and are always amazed to see new things as we drive to and fro.  The light changes, shadows appear and disappear, the sun shines on beautiful foliage – you get the idea, and I’m sure I’ll share more with you in the coming months.  However, there was something new that we hadn’t espied before, and it was very close to home.

One day our return journey was really tedious, due to overwhelming traffic, so we decided to leave one junction sooner than usual.  This journey brought us into town by a slightly different route, and there at the side of  the road was a new sign!  We had passed before I could read it all, so the next week we diverted along the same route so that I could get a better look.  It was an A-Board – and the words said ‘Shabby Little Secret’!  No time to stop and investigate on that occasion, but I did take a look on the internet, and liked what I saw.

I did manage to pop in a few days later, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Lovely handmade stock, and ideas for Christmas.

I ordered something which I must collect this week, I won’t be able to show you a picture as the recipient might see, I also know that the stock is changing hands very quickly, so I’m glad I ordered, and I can’t wait to see what else they might have to view.  If you are passing, take time to stop and look because you won’t be disappointed.  Easy to find, just watch out for the A-Board!  Take a look at the galleries and website to give you more of a flavour, but what you see is just the tip of the iceberg!

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Do it Yourself

What do you do when you run out of Gesso?

Make your own!

2 parts PVA glue
1 to 2 parts pigment. (I use either black or white acrylic paint)
2 parts talcum powder. (Baby talc works too)
1 to 2 parts water. Use enough to create the consisteny you need.

Mix everything together. Keep mixing until it’s smooth. Use a container that you don’t need to re-use for food.

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The Green Room

This morning I discovered that my DH had taken a wobbly photo last week.  While I was ‘strutting my stuff’ on the TV he was quietly and patiently waiting in the green room, and playing with his camera.  It has all sorts of bells and whistles on it, and with nothing better to do, he was experimenting a little.  Well, most of the results were suitable deleted, but he discovered a lot, and a few were left.  The one below was taken by accident, or at least, while trying out the various zooms, and not aimed at the screen, hence the quality, but it if you squint carefully you can see a vision of blue – and that is me!
Which brings me to the ‘Green Room‘ !  As you can see, it isn’t!  Green, that is!  However, it was comfortable, and he spent 9 hours patiently waiting for me.  He met lots of lovely people, and didn’t fall asleep in front of the TV – which of course he would have done, if he had been at home!

The links below are both a bit rusty!  What a shame I didn’t have another in the theme to follow here…….

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Line – Break

What’s the last thing you do before going on vacation or holiday?  We all have rituals and routines.  Doors and windows are locked and double-checked, milk deliveries cancelled etc, etc, you know the sort of things I mean.

Our neighbours recently went away on a sun-seeking trip.  There journey meant an early start from home, so their dog was taken to the kennels the day before, and the last load of washing included the dog blanket, which was hung on the line to dry.  Off they went, leaving us with damp and dismal weather, the dog blanket continued to hang wet and limp.  Then…. the weather changed!  The sun came out and it was dry and cheery!  The dog blanket flapped cheerily on the line, and it was all ready to be taken back inside ready for Maxwell’s return.


Forever fickle – the weather changed, fog arrived and flights into London Heathrow were delayed.  The return flight from said sunny resort was sidetracked to a venue much further north and the journey home took much longer than expected.  Tired and weary neighbours arrived home this morning at 11.00…….

…….. just 30 minutes after it started to rain……………………………………..