Month: October 2011

One reason why I won’t be celebrating Halloween

There are a number of reasons why I won’t be celebrating the above in any shape or form, but the main reason is that the event I mentioned in this post here actually took place on 31st October.

The activities were so entirely demonic that our family wish to have no participation, ‘fun’ or not

Let me introduce you to…..

A big brave pirate

Who fearlessly walked the plank, then climbed back on board so that he could rescue a damsel in distress

Of course, fearless pirates and sisterly damsels move far too fast for a mere Grandma’s shutter, but we all had enormous fun.

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Weekly photo challenge – hidden

Close to one of the lesser used gates to Salisbury Cathedral is a plaque.  Although on a wall, it is easy to miss.

For what are you prepared to be burned at the stake?

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A miss and a muddle

Firstly, if you missed yesterday’s post, or if you saw it and wondered what on earth it was all about I suggest you take another look.  There should have been a video there, but for some reason it suddenly disappeared.  I’ve put a link in so that you can find it, and it’s quite fun and clever.  Do take a look.

So that was the miss…… now for the muddle

Two weeks ago I had a request for a workshop in November of next year.  We booked the date and I popped it in the diary.  A few days later another phone call announced that the date was wrong!  It should have been a week earlier.  Am I still free?  No, not that week, but I am the one before…..  I waited for a confirming phone call.  Finally it came, no, that won’t work as the venue isn’t free.  What about December?  Well, that’s a little close to Christmas, but yes……

So.  New date put into diary.  Two days later another phone call.

‘Um, sorry, should have booked you for 2014!’

Am I free?

Who knows?

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How perfect!

I have so much catching up to do with my blogs!  I haven’t read some for a while, and commenting has been scarce too.  Apologies, I’ve been busy, and I suppose that’s good.  So today I decided to read two, including this one (which looks as though I need to still catch up a little more  to fully understand).  However, this picture took my eye and reminded me of a conversation long ago.

It was on my wedding day.  A good friend took me to one side and said ‘I’m going to give you the best advice of your life…..

….Throughout your life you will meet many people.  Some of them will have beautiful, perfectly manicured homes.  As soon as you discover this – drop them.  Their lives will be empty and they will have nothing to offer you except critiscism and guilt’

I’m not sure that I’ve followed her advice to the letter, but there is something empty about the absolutely perfect dwelling.  I don’t mean the houses that are clean and tidy, but those that are ‘show house’ perfect.

Don’t come and visit me if you expect the latter, by the way, just remember that creativity is formed of chaos……….

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Wordless Wednesday?

When I went to bed last night I was convinced that today was going to be Thursday.  I woke this morning, however, preparing for it to be Wednesday.  Now that I’ve discovered it’s Tuesday I’m all of a dither.  I’m not doing what I expected later, I’m not doing it until tomorrow.  So, as it isn’t Wednesday I’m not posting a wordless post (I’m not posting one tomorrow either, come to that), but I’m going to show you a little glimpse of us all set up to sell last Saturday.  It looks as though we were in a sitting room.  Well, we were!  The sitting room at Urchfont Manor.

What fun.

Don’t forget the bacon

This is a true story.

Once upon a time there was a pig. We will call him Monty.

Monty lived on a farm, and, although he was well cared for, he sometimes got lonely because his only companions were cows and turkeys. Sometimes Monty would go for a walk in the hope that he would find another pig to talk to, but the farmer always found him before he had time to get very far.

One sunny day Monty shook the pigsty door until it opened. Walking across the farmyard he pushed yet another hole through the hedge and began to walk along the lane. He was big and fat, so he walked slowly, sniffing the air for interesting smells, especially as his eyesight was poor. He could see a shadow ahead, and as he approached he could tell that it smelt interesting.

Parked at the side of the road was a car, with the back open, but Monty didn’t recognise it as such, to him it smelt like a food trough, for languishing in the boot was a large sack of horse feed. Monty didn’t know that the feed was only meant for horses, he thought it had been put there just for him, so with an enormous amount of effort he pulled himself into the boot and began to devour the feed, packaging and all. It was delicious, and he was really surprised when suddenly there was much commotion and the farmer arrived with a very irate man who demanded compensation! Without ceremony Monty was returned to the lonely pigsty.

Holes in the hedge were reinforced and an extra strong bolt was put on the pigsty door. Monty was fed more than usual, but that was no problem, he could always find space for another morsel. But one day he began to feel lonely again, and he knew what he had to do…. With enormous effort he pulled himself over the door of the pigsty. He fell with a bump, but although a little sore he walked towards the hedge. He felt a little like an Olympic pole vaulter, he felt that he had set a record for pigs, the hedge would be easy, in spite of reinforcements.

He began to walk along the lane. The sun was shining, and that shape was there again. Monty sniffed the air. Sure enough, it was waiting with food for him. However, when he got there he discovered that the food was covered up! (The back was closed). Now what to do? The more he sniffed the air the more he wanted the food. How could he get to it? Monty was a resourceful pig, he walked around the car sniffing as he went. As he got to the driver’s door the smell intensified. Hooray, someone had thoughtfully left the driver’s window open. Here was a way in.

Getting through the window was not easy, but having done so Monty was in heaven. On the back seat was a sack of horse feed, exactly the same as the one he had eaten before! Such delight! He chomped his way through it. It was delicious! (Isn’t forbidden food ALWAYS the sweetest?). When finished he sat for a moment to make sure that nothing was left, the smell of food was still strong, although nowhere in sight. Yes, he could still smell something, and then he realised that the smell was coming from behind the seat. Sure enough, there was another sack  right there in the back, but how could he get to it?

The pig who had scaled the pigsty door, pushed through reinforced hedge AND climbed in through a car window knew no limitations. It wasn’t very tasty, but Monty now began to tug and tear at the back of the seat, and before long he had access to the rest of the food. Once he had his head far enough through to eat he stopped pushing and just ate. He thought he was in heaven before, but this must be it, because there were two sacks waiting for him. Delicious!

When he had finished, however, Monty began to panic. He was now firmly wedged with his head and shoulders stuck through the back seat and his rear end jammed up against the back of the front seats. He couldn’t move… How was he going to get out? He began to twist from side to side in the hope that he could free himself, but this only served to make the car rock, and this rocking drew the attention of a passing postman.

Car owner and farmer were duly summoned. More compensation was demanded, Monty heard the words, but didn’t know what they meant. What had he done wrong? The farmer bundled Monty into a trailer and off they went. Regrettably,  though, not to the pigsty….. I leave the rest to your imagination.

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Old and New

The sky was blue, and the sun shone.  Yesterday was the most beautiful of days, but we had to work!  I enjoy my work, so it was no real hardship, but it would have been good to be able to take advantage of the sun.

Our journey to Wiltshire begins on the motorway.  We travel the road often, so the journey is timed to perfection.  No need to speed, it helps to conserve the fuel anyway.  Cars overtake us, many doing over 90, and occasionally we notice that one is being followed by an unmarked police car.  Sometimes we pass them, now stationary, on the hard shoulder, usually they are gone – into the distance before our junction.

Once away from the hustle and bustle of the motorway our journey moves on to the old roads.  Some of them originally tracks across the Salisbury Plain.  The views are stunning.  Old earthworks and ancient hills can be seen for miles around.  Yesterday was particularly striking as the sun rises later now,, and the shadows were long in the bright morning light.  This emphasised the shapes of the hills and fields in a new and exciting way, one which had changed by the time we returned, the sun now higher and even brighter.

This photograph gives nothing away!  It was taken last year in early March, from a moving car, and as a design source for a workshop.  However, it gives an impression of the distance.  The whiteish blob on the hillside is, in fact, a white horse carved into the chalky hillside near Pewsey.

Equally fuzzy, and again not giving much away, this next photograph was taken for the same reason on another date.  It shows the other side of the road.

The final one is a little clearer, though.

This last one is the best of a bad job (actually, it was a good job, because each one illustrates the point I wanted to make on the workshop).  Salisbury Plain itself disappears into infinity.  No chance to take a better shot of this, because at the time we travel, regardless of the time of year, all shots would be directly into the sun.

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Collage continues

I haven’t posted much about them recently, but I’ve been pressing on with my collage a day.  I posted a quick one here earlier, and there are more on the way later in the week.  The current little series is more mixed media as it involves watercolour, printing and other techniques too, not just collage.  All are abstract, and in a variety of colours.

In truth, I am being much more creative.  I’m finding time in odd moments to do all sorts of things.  I’m still ‘blaming’ the blog post a day, as it gets my creative juices flowing and all sorts of things pop into my head as I write.  Of course, the one thing I don’t usally think about, or mind leaving for another day is ‘the accounts’, however, this week is set aside for catching up, so I may not get much creative stuff done!  We normally see to it every week, but this time it has been left for three weeks…….

This one is no longer with me!  It has gone to another place…..  Thank you

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