Day: September 5, 2011

Mail Art. Is anything new?

It’s surprising what you find when you are looking for something else!

A few days ago I showed you an envelope ready for the mail.  Mail art is very fashionable, and comes in many forms.  Little did I know that I was continuing a family tradition!

Look what I found.

Although the view isn’t quite the same (we only saw it from the road as we passed by) this mountain was a landmark on our journeys to Wales when I was a child.  It’s called the sugar loaf, but we used to joke that it looked more like a loaf of bread than a loaf of sugar. This is a postcard from my father to my brother. Let’s look at the reverse

The words show his sense of humour – deliberately confusing my mother and the dog with a pat and a kiss in that order, and also signing it ‘Father’ which was a family joke too.  But, notice the blue addition – ‘Picture of a man on holiday’

Lift the blue flap to reveal a hand-drawn cartoon of a man in bed on top of the Brecon Beacons!  Surely this must be an early specimen of mail art?  The postmark is quite clear, 1.15pm on 28th May 1959, and it was sent to my brother.  There is a similar one to me postmarked the same, no mail art, but another example of his humour.

Did I find what I was searching for?  No, but I found something much more precious.  I found a reminder of a very dear father, who always wanted the best for us.  It was especially poignant today as it is the anniversary of the day he gave me away at my wedding.

Miss you Dad…