Month: August 2011

What the ‘L’

No, I’m not going to let you see inside my studio.  To say that it is too untidy is putting it mildly!  However, I thought I’d show you some work in progress.

You’ve seen a few of my collages recently, and I think I’ve hinted that I like stitching into paper too.  If you look closely you can see a few rough machine stitches in a few places below

The quality of the picture is awful, and I apologise, but it was taken at 3.30am when I couldn’t sleep!  You’ll see the difference between those I took then and the ones I took later once it was daylight!  It’s too late to retake them, the components are no longer in the same state!

The above is not finished.  However, it shows how I choose some of the pieces that I want to use.  Areas of work are restricted by the use of ‘L’ shapes.  These take away the clutter of the surrounding area making it easier to isolate the parts most suitable

I have several in different sizes.  They are easy to reproduce too.

Stitched torn strips are surrounded by more torn paper.  The ‘L’s’ don’t have to be straight for this exercise as you can see.

I’m not just looking at the area that has been stitched, but considering the shape of the torn edges that surround it.  I have a certain fondness for this one, for some reason it makes me think of mole from Wind in the Willows!  Don’t worry if you can’t see the connection.

This seems strangely like a female form, or am I imagining it?  It isn’t meant to be….

But this is where I’m heading, and now it’s on to the next step.  It will have to wait.  Inspiration comes when it will, and although I know what I have in mind I’m still waiting for a solution to a little problem.  So, that’s the end of this little glimpse.

blog batter cooked

Catching up

I haven’t been able to catch up with my blog reading for a while.  I spent some time doing just that yesterday, and I came across this post. a

(This is where I want you to imagine a lightbulb, because it was just the inspiration I needed)

A Bank Holiday is not a good time to run out of bread.  It also isn’t a good time to have no inspiration!  I’m not down in the doldrums, but am quite tired, so even if we had bread it would probably have taken me a while to think ‘ah yes, now we need butter’!  So to be pointed towards something I make every now and then was a real blessing.  However, a ‘holiday’ stroll came to mind too, and as a result this was breakfast…..

185g SR Flour

1tsp baking powder

1tbsp caster sugar

2 lightly beaten eggs

250ml milk

1 tsp oil added towards the end of making the batter.

Everything except the oil goes into the bowl and it is beaten together to form a thickish cream.  Add the oil and mix some more.

Leave it to stand for a while, up to about 30 minutes, then all you need then is a hot pan and a large spoon.  Grease the pan, and pour spoonfuls of the mix onto the surface.

This was the point at which I added the product of our stroll

Yummy dark tart blackberries.  Place a few on top and watch them sink in.

Bubbles rise to the surface and pop.  When they stop doing that it’s time to turn them over and cook the other side for a few minutes.

Delicious!  I’m sorry about the quality of the photographs, but by the time I discovered that some of them weren’t very good it was too late

DH had eaten it all…….  Thanks LadyB for the inspiration.

I love poppies

I’ve told you before how much I love poppies, the seedheads especially.  Remember this photograph?

Well, I’m planning on adding to my collection.  I couldn’t resist taking this earlier.

I placed it onto some vegetarian silk that is waiting to be packaged.  I think I might find some inspiration even in this photograph.

Dusters Too

Well, the weather changed!  Thankfully today is ideal drying weather so all is well with my line of drying.  As I disappointed you yesterday and posted a ‘fake’ photo I can now show you the items in question!

I’m sure you can see the similarity now, and why my memories were awakened!  Vegetarian Silk is an interesting product, and there is more information here.


It’s odd the things that spring to mind as you go about your normal business!  Yesterday was a dyeing day, today, after rinsing, it was a planned drying day.  This morning I carefully pegged the batch of vegetarian silk onto the line and stood back to look.  The intention was to make sure that everything was secure, however, as I looked I began to giggle.

My mother had an elderly friend named Joan who lived next door but one.  Having been married to a military man everything Joan did was done by timetable.  Her washing line was visible over the fence, and it was possible to  tell the day of the week according to the washing.

Monday – underclothes
Tuesday – towels
Wednesday – bedding
Friday – shirts and blouses

Notice that I missed Thursday.  It was the Thursday line that I suddenly remembered as I looked at my dyeing.  What was washed on Thursdays?


Every Thursday there was a long line of yellow dusters.  They all looked the same, but there was one there for every room on every day of the week!  Yes, Every Thursday 7 days of 7 rooms.  That’s 49 dusters!!!

Well, my line of washing didn’t last very long.  It was a day of heavy  showers, and after 3 attempts of rehanging the silk I changed my mind.   I was going to take a picture to illustrate, but that was out of the question so here is one that I think I have shown you before, however it’s the best I can give you today

It’s in the post

Well, it isn’t quite in the post, but it soon will be.

When someone special says ‘Please send it in a pretty envelope’ how can I refuse?

It isn’t finished yet, so I’m not giving anything away……


……………. aren’t things as you remember them?

But it isn’t all bad!

I remember lime marmalade from my childhood.  I hated it.  I remember the smell and the taste.  The above was bought by accident, and to my amazement I discovered that it isn’t THAT bad!

Maybe it’s the addition of the lemon?

Or have I just grown up?

Brown as a Berry

I’ve always wondered where the phrase that I’ve used for my title originated.  I don’t know of any brown berries, but there are certainly many in other colours.  Already the trees and bushes are overflowing with berries.  Their abundance seems earlier than normal.  These photographs don’t do justice to the beautiful colours around.

These golden berries are a delightful splash of colour, the birds love them, but the time for them to eat them isn’t quite here.  Soon they will turn red, and then the flocks will arrive!

Rowan Jelly is a temptation!  These clusters hang heavy and in places are almost touching the ground.

Cornus Alba almost in all its glory!  This too is covered in berries.  You can see here that they are still forming.

(Added later – why didn’t I think of ‘googling’ before?  This link will give the origin of the phrase…..)