Month: July 2011

Collage a Day – day 1 and Weekly Photograph Challenge

Today is the last day of seven months of daily blogging.  It hasn’t been arduous, I’ve really enjoyed it.  I’ve met some lovely ‘new’ bloggers and found some amazing blogs.  Also, as I’ve said before, it has inspired me in other areas too.  I’ve been stitching a few paper fragments, which I think I’ve shown you before,

and some of these can be seen here, however, I’ve been making a few other quick (the emphasis is on QUICK) collages using some of my mountains of hand-dyed paper and fabric.  Over the next 7 days or so I’ll show you one each day.  Some of them are finished, some are waiting for an image or words.  I appreciate constructive comments on any of them.  It’s interesting to find that I’m working in colours I would normally reject.

Here is number one.

This was finished this morning.  The finished size is 6″ x 4″, just right for a postcard…..

The weekend photo challenge for this week is ‘Broken’.  As soon as I read it I thought of this picture

So many of the plants have been damaged by our strange weather.  However, a few days of sun and a large bout of ‘dead-heading’ will soon restore order.

If only life was always like that.

Hint of a glint

If you fancy a textile trip today you might like to read this post.  This event is always well organised – and by a really lovely group of people.  By the time you read this we will be well on our way to being fully set up, and almost waiting for customers to arrive.  Hope the coffee is on early!

You may remember that I showed you the first of the felt I dyed earlier this week.  You’ll be pleased to know that the weather WAS good – and it all dried beautifully.  If you do come to Worthing you’ll be able to see it!

Oh, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the start of a new series!  What is it?  You’ll have to wait – but I’m showing a glint of creativity………………….


It has been a really strange day. Let’s just say that I’m glad it’s over.

However, I did manage to dye 120 pieces of felt.

Each one is different.  They just need drying now, so hope there’s no rain tomorrow.  I’ve another 380 to go!  Might get some more done tomorrow – but we are preparing for Worthing.  I’ll tell you about that when I’ve had some sleep…….zzzzzzzzzzz

Just a quick glimpse

I’ve been playing with the embellisher.  I’ve been trying something out.  I’m not going to let you know (yet) what it is, but I’m going to give you a couple of glimpses.

Above is the side from which I worked (that’s my hand-dyed felt and vegetarian silk you can see), and below is just a little of the reverse.

See how much more subtle it is?

This last one is a bit of fun, there’s quite a lot more going on, but this is all you are going to see today.

I like cold toast

Repeat after me…..

‘I like cold toast,
I like cold toast,
I like cold toast……’

Truth is, I don’t, but if you say something often enough you either believe it or convince yourself that it’s true!  Whether I have toast for an early breakfast at 6, or at any other time of the day I can guarantee that something will happen to stop me finishing it before it’s cold!

This morning was a perfect example.  I woke at 6, but didn’t have breakfast straight away.  I had some dyeing to rinse, and it was such a lovely morning that I ‘pottered’ a bit in the garden.  Finally, I made some coffee and toast, deciding that I’d eat it outside.  Before this happened, however, the phone rang.  It was a ‘silent call’, but before I got back to the kitchen the phone rang again – this time it was a man with an Asian accent enquiring about my TV status.  I don’t have a TV status.  Well, I do.  My TV status is ‘OFF’.  He was not easily ‘put off’, in fact phoned again when I hung up on him.  I had had the nerve to ring off without confirming my name and address.  It rang again after I cut him off, but I didn’t answer.

So, where did that leave me?  Not only did I have cold toast, I also had lukewarm coffee, and I do like that hot.

Repeat after me…..

‘I like lukewarm coffee………’

10 Names I’m glad I didn’t give to my children.

Well, I think it’s Saturday.  This is another email post, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, I’ve finally had a response from the offending company!  More about that another day, today I thought I’d give you another list.

I trained as a Speech and Language Therapist (a looooooooooooooong time ago), I’ve worked in schools, and since then I’ve met a lot of people in a variety of places.  Names are interesting.  Likes and dislikes appear for a variety of reasons.  For instance, I was at infant school with a girl called Joan.  She was a bully.  As a result I didn’t like the name Joan.  Later, at senior school I met another Joan – I found it difficult to understand that I liked her, but not her name.  Of course, the original connotation remained with me.  We all choose names for different reasons and this post is not meant to offend anyone.  So, here we go.

1  Xenopod  Now apparently this is an alien planet, but I first came across the name long before that was even thought about.  The name reminds me of senna pods, so why would anyone want their child to be named after something that sounds as though it will give you diarrhoea?2  Zasparilla Is this a drink?  No, it really was the name of a child.  She was number 10, all the children had unusual names.

3  Euginity I really felt sorry for this little girl.  Little was the operative word, she was tiny.

4  Endeavour Poor child.  He could try all he wanted, but would never quite get there with a name like that.  Of course Inspector Morse was given this first name, but I heard it long before that was written.

5  Persephone  This is an actual name from Greek mythology.  It means ‘the bringer of destruction’.  Imagine – all that life encompassed in the tiny newborn and then this label is hung around her neck.  How sad.

6  Tinder  Do you know this word?  It denotes a readily combustible material, such as dry twigs, which are used to kindle fires.  When I was young I heard it a fair bit, but in these days of central heating and air conditioning I doubt it is in common use!  Do you think this is a suitable name for a little one?

7  Badlington  I hesitate to tell you the surname, but let me just tell you that it began with the same initial letter as the first name, ended with an e and ottom was in between.

8  Manville  Now this sounds a little like a family name, it could well have been.

9  Scoop  My parents had a friend who was a newspaper man.  This was the name of his son.  Well, I suppose it was the 70’s, but I often wonder if he has spent his life looking for one!

10 Wimbush I have heard the surname often, in fact I think there was an actress with this name, but I wouldn’t have chosen this as a first name for my child.  Hope neither of them are disappointed.  Maybe they would have preferred it!

Of course, there are other names I wouldn’t have considered too – like naming them after my favourite sportsman, singer or lucky number.  However, we all decide on a name for a particular reason, our criteria was to have an easily recognisable name that didn’t offend either side of the family, and that had a meaning the child could live up to.  Did we succeed?  You’ll have to ask them!  Why did you make your choices?  I’d love to hear.