Day: May 16, 2011

All is revealed!

On Thursday I made a very cryptic post!  I think it left one or two of you guessing.  Well, I can now reveal what it was all about.

On Thursday I travelled to Peterborough for a tv screen test.  Now do you understand the disguise?  I couldn’t afford a stretch limousine, so tatty old headscarf and blacked out glasses had to be the order of the day instead.  Not that I’m letting it go to my head, of course, so what am I doing?

Well, on 9th June I’m doing two live broadcasts for Create and Craft.  I know that it will be shown on Sky Channel 671, but not sure of the other locations at the moment, however, it will also be shown live on the internet here.   Click the button on the right for Create and Craft – and you should be able to watch whatever is on.  My times are 10am and 5pm, both to be shown live, so you may have a giggle if I do something wrong!  I’ll be talking about the lovely needlefelting machine, otherwise known as the embellisher or embellishing machine.  If you don’t know anything about them you will be amazed, but I know that the discussion will be ‘presenter led’, so I’m not sure what you will see.

Hope to see you there – you are allowed to giggle, but not too loudly as it is a live show and you may put me off…….   ;)