Month: April 2011


It’s always interesting to see where other people get their inspiration.  I’m constantly on the lookout for new sources.  However, as always, it comes from the most unexpected places.  For instance, how about using this as a source?

Imagine what you could ‘come up’ with

Today’s the day.

Are you all watching the wedding?  This is the first Royal Wedding since Princess Margaret which we will be watching without a positive family connection.  No, I’m not trying to say that we are related to either the bride or the groom, but my late father was heavily involved in the televising of all the previous weddings, latterly for Thames TV.    Interestingly enough, though, we have been told that some of his planning for previous ones HAS been used, so in theory that connection is still there.

Our son and family are involved in their local street party.  Our daughter and family are hosting a more secluded affair, and we will be there with my niece and fiance.  It will be interesting to hear what the teens and twenties think of it.  Meanwhile, there is an awful lot of ‘tat’ out there, and I was horrified to see that even Liberty has gone down that route.  What a shame.  I bet there won’t be much of any of it on the shelves of the newlyweds.  Here’s hoping that they will learn from the mistakes of other public figures and keep themselves to themselves as much as possible and have many happy years together as a result.

Today is also the first time I’m taking part in Melody’s photo challenge.  The theme is glad/sad – on a main theme of contradiction.  Here’s my entry.

I’m glad that the roses are already set to flower, but oh so sad that already the greenfly have found them!

Thursday Challenge – Spring

I think you’ll agree that there are one or two spring greens in this picture.

The view is taken from one of my favourite places last Monday.  Lots more entries to this challenge can be found here.

Playing around.

It’s surprising what a couple of squirts will do!

I’ve been playing around in readyness for the rest of this tutorial.  Thought you might like to have a go too, it does help to focus the mind, even if it seems as though it’s a ‘bad’ week.

Breaking in

The weather has been gorgeous.  You must admit that it has been unusual for this time of year, and of course I never have the right clothes to wear – I’m usually covered in paint or dye, so old jeans and T-shirts are the usual order of the day.  However, I suddenly remembered that right at the end of last summer I bought myself a pair of new shoes.  Yes, it was just before the weather changed for the worse, so I haven’t had a chance to wear them.

Until now, that is.

I decided that the good weather and staying at home is just the perfect time to ‘break them in’.  So that’s what I’ve been doing.

They make me feel so much smarter than my normal trainers, even though the dress code has been pretty much the same as usual.  I’m looking forward to wearing them for a proper occasion.  I don’t mean a wedding – just somewhere other than the dye studio!

It really is this clear

I can’t resist sharing this photograph with you.  I took it for a magazine that is featuring this product in the not too distant future, however, I didn’t really look at it until today.

We sell it at shows, and also on my website, but I’m so used to seeing it that it wasn’t until I saw this photograph that I realised it’s so clear you can’t see it!  There is some tape there, I promise.  The writing – reusable glueless tape – is on the inner packaging.  I use it for lots of things, but mostly when I’m making my little books as I can use it instead of a press.  If I had used a press on this little mite I think it would have crushed it completely.

Today is Easter Sunday.  If you are wondering what it’s all about you may like to visit here.

I wish to announce

…. that I definitely have a desk top.

I haven’t seen it for quite a while as it’s been littered with papers associated with our Year End, however……

they are now ALL FILED!

Don’t ask how long it will remain clear, I know that as soon as I start listing more items on Etsy it will once again become the focus of my filing system.  And I MUST start listing soon.  It wasn’t long ago that I had 200 items there, now I’m down to under 140.  Where does all the time go?  Answers on a postcard please.

And the air was filled with perfume

There is something magical about stepping outside early on a warm spring morning.  At the moment the weather is perfect, and it’s a joy to be outside.  This morning was no exception.  However, what I didn’t expect was the beautiful light perfume that lingered in the air.  Investigation led me to a plant that is currently heavy with flower.

This choisya is one of several we have in the garden, each a different variety, they are all in full bloom, and each one contributed to the pervading perfume.  I walked further down, and this is the view from behind.  This side of the plant was now in shade, but the sun was shining on the acer, and it was such a lovely foil to the green, pink and white.

There are more florets to open on this side, so hopefully the perfume will continue for a day or two more.  The bluebells are in full flower too, they add to the joy of the garden.  Do you have flowers in yours at the moment?  I hope they are bringing you as much joy as ours are to me.

Thursday Challenge – Complex

Give me a pen, and I will doodle to my heart’s content.  However, don’t expect it to be exact, or to represent anything.  In other words, it won’t look like this.

Do you think it started life as a doodle?  It’s pretty grand, isn’t it.  Where is it?  The ceiling of the Palm Court at the Ritz in London.

(Bet they won’t let me back if they read that I think it’s like a doodle.)