Month: March 2011

Where am I?

Today I’m driving home from Urchfont.  I’ve been teaching a dyeing course so this post is scheduled!  I thought you’d like to see one of the views I’ll be passing

Yes, it’s out of focus.  I took it from a moving car a little while ago.  No, I wasn’t driving at the time – I took it out of the passenger window.

Of course, I won’t get the same view today.  My eyes will be firmly on the road ahead.

Playing with colour

Scribble on paper a few times using the media of your choice (I used Shiva Paintstiks).  Scan it, then choose an area and copy and paste it a few times.  (You can even do that in ‘Paint’ if you don’t have a graphics program.

Almost instant design!

Go on, give it a try.

Didn’t they do well!

A couple of weeks into the online dyeing course and photographs of the results are beginning to filter through.  It’s so exciting to see what people are doing.  With permission, I’m posting a few for you to see.

Here are three from Sarah

Part of the rainbow from Alice

Some pretties from Lucy

Lastly, a few from Rachel.

Apart from investigating dyeing we are also observing the changes during drying.  These photographs were all of wet fabrics.  Didn’t they do well.  They are a group of friends that are meeting together one day a week to work through the exercises.  Not everyone is able to do that, but that doesn’t matter, we have a lovely online community as well.

I’m off to teach the course at Urchfont Manor on Monday – so I’ll be scheduling a few posts here while I’m away.  If you would like to enrol on the online course there is another one starting soon.  Details here.

Heart to Heart

Etsy is a wonderful place, and, as it happens, this week they are celebrating their European sellers.  There is an enormous mix of items available, and a quick search will reveal exactly the thing you want!  Sometime ago I purchased a some of these.

They are beautifully made in Italy by Silvia, and I knew exactly why I wanted them.

Last night I finally got around to beginning my little project.  I unexpectedly babysat for our little grandchildren, and that was the ideal place, as they were to decorate a couple of little tops for our youngest grand-daughter

I’d attempted the exercise before, but forgot to take thread with me, so it had to be aborted!  Last night I was all prepared.

Number one and number two are now ready for wear.  Of course, being a good little girl, the little one slept through the lot and was totally unaware.

They even look good when sewn at a quirky angle!  Sorry about the photographs, they were taken after midnight, and it was almost time to come home.

Thursday Challenge – Green

It’s a carving that is hidden in the woods at Missenden Abbey.  It’s a bit of a shock the first time you come across it – especially if no-one has warned you!

More entries can be found here.

Pretty Special

‘Pretty Special’ by sassalynne

Pretty selection of items from the UK to celebrate European Week. Lots more to find with a quick search too. Most of these items are from teambritannia, the search tag for Team Craftbritannia

Heart shaped paper mixe…  


I LOVE Fabric Postcard-…  


2 Pastel Colour Marbled…  


Brooch Handmade heart s…  


Shabby Chic Daisy Oval …  


Paradise forest Ceramic…  


Cat art – Custom cat po…  


Handspun hand knitted b…  


Throw pillow Camoflage …  


Ivory & Burgundy Flower…  


Childrens Pig Bag Truff…  


Original art – large ab…  


Upcycled / Recycled pin…  


Strawberry Fields Forev…  


Pink Flower Wooden Butt…  


Pink Roses & Blue Sky -…  


Treasury tool is sponsored by A/B image testing.

Oops, I’ve gone all wrinkly

I have to admit that as soon as I committed to a post a day I felt that the decision was rash.  How on earth could I find time to write something of interest every day for the next year?  Would anyone want to read it?  Were my views actually of any interest or import?  As each month has passed I’m astounded that I’m ‘still here’, but also astounded at how my feelings about that decision have changed.

Firstly, the time aspect.  It doesn’t take long to type two lines, and even less to upload a photograph or picture, so if you are thinking that you don’t have time to blog – even on a weekly basis – your argument has just been shot down!

Secondly, my readers.  They’ve arrived!  I don’t know how I’ve collected them all, but I can see from the stastistics there are are several that come on a regular basis – and more have subscribed by email, so I needn’t have worried.

Lastly, are my posts of interest?  Well, I can’t answer that.  What I can say, though, is that I’m now not writing because I think my readers’ will find it interesting.  I’m actually writing because I want to.  I’ve also found that my creativity in other areas has responded.  I’ve found that I have a new impetus to create a small piece of artwork a day.  Nothing grand – with the emphasis on ‘small’.  Here’s a recent one.

I’m enjoying it, and surely, that’s all that counts!  (But thank you very much for reading, and please come back!)