Month: February 2011

Taking Stock

So, Cottenham is over for another year.  It was a great show, and I met lots of lovely people, and managed to catch up with several friends.  It was also lovely to see someone I have known for nearly thirty years, but with whom I had lost touch.  She has moved to that part of the world, so a reunion is already planned for next year!  The weather surpassed itself, in spite of my prediction!  It was sunny and mild, but unfortunately I didn’t see much of it as I was behind the counter for almost the whole time.

Spring was showing its face too.  This is the view from the front of the venue, and behind the cars is a little pond.  Crocus and Daffodil are abundantly planted, and to our delight all were showing their colour.  Today is a day for resting, but next Saturday is another textile show, this time further south at Selsey near Chichester.  In the next few days we must put in a couple of emergency orders and get the stock ready for another display.  Fortunately I have no emergency dyeing as I prepared beforehand and that stock was safely left at home.

Thanks for coming to see us, everyone.  We are looking forward to catching up with you again soon – and who knows where!



Do you like purple?

How many shades of purple are there?  I thought I’d show you a few!

This is another page from my sample book, and just a few of the shades that are possible when dyed using the technique featured on Talking Threads.

The online course begins on 14th March, and next week there will be details of a special offer, so watch this space….

In the meantime, follow the story here.

It pays to comment!

‘It pays to comment.’ by paperpatches

This is a thank you to some of the people who have commented on my bloghttp://chittlechattle.wordpress.comKeep commenting! I’ll be doing this again. Thank you so much.

Beautiful Floral Bib Ne…

Luxury Organic Lip Balm…

Felted and Embroidered …

Pocket Comfort Mini Qui…

Pink Lilies Original si…

Midnight Daisy Solid Si…

Mini Fold Book – Paisle…

Shiny Delicate Spring D…

Spring flowers handmade…

Waiting for my Prince C…

Daisy Flower Crochet Cu…

Sale Cute Ceramic Hangi…

L y t h r u m

Turquoise Ceramic Votiv…

Funky Flannel Infinity …

ACEO – Edition, Bluebel…

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Wool? Are you sure?

Wool fibres, but not quite as you would expect.

This is a technique that I teach on the sewing machine.   I’ve just been asked to teach a workshop for a local group.  It’s such fun, I’ll enjoy teaching them how to do this!

Goodbye Old Friend

How sentimental can one get?

I have to report the death of my favourite mug

A tiny chip appeared on Friday, today it was leaking copiously.

Why was it so special?  Well, apart from holding just the right amount of coffee, the pattern reminded me of something from childhood.

The colours and style are so similar to a chair cover that was in my grandmother’s sitting room

The design even had the quality of faded textiles.  Anyway, now it’s gone, and I’ll move on by buying a new one.

First, I’ll have to find it, though….

Fancy being sentimental about a mug!

I hereby predict ….

I am not usually in the habit of making predictions, but, to mention it yet again, Textiles in Focus is next weekend.  As a result of records kept during the last several we noted the following!

The weather for the weekend will include (in no particular order)

Rain, Wind, Snow, Sunshine, Heat, Cold, Frost, Fog, Ice, Blue Skies, Clouds, Grey Skies.

The chances are that these will all happen on each day – and last for varialble amounts of time!  Yes, we have had snow, but never too much to deal with, so no need to panic.

Hope to see you there.

Paper, paper, paper, book

I love making little books almost as much as I love dyeing.  The wonderful thing is – I can combine both skills quite easily!

These little books were made with hand dyed paper, which is a by-product of the dyeing.  Colouring the paper is half the fun of making them, and I’m prepared to share a few secrets with you on this online course.  You will learn how to colour the paper, make and decorate the covers (without cutting mountboard if you want), and also investigate a few easy techniques to make some little bookies.  They are quick, easy and seductive!  I bet you won’t be able to only make one.  Here’s one of the really easy ones

I said you could personalise your covers

And sometimes, that is as easy as deciding which bookie you want to make!

More information here.