Day: January 28, 2011

Friday Food

This recipe is just about the easiest mushroom soup you can imagine!  Basically, it’s yet another throw it all in the pan recipe, and makes a good lunch.

So, grab your mushrooms.  Clean them and cut them up a bit.  Gently heat a little oil in a pan, then when it’s hot add a little butter.  Toss in the mushrooms (see note below) as soon as the butter is melted and immediately stir them around to coat them.  Add stock (chicken, vegetable or even just hot water) to almost cover, then add some milk so that they are covered – just!  Pop on a lid and simmer for no more than 5 minutes then season to taste with salt and freshly ground pepper.  Now it’s time to give it a ‘whizz’ with a blender, but cool it first for safety (if you don’t have one make sure you chop those mushrooms well at the first step).

Sometimes I add just a dribble of cream, but it isn’t important.  It’s ready now, so grab some crusty bread and enjoy.  (It’s even good without the bread!)