Day: December 15, 2010

Raise your glass

Each year we spend a week or so in Wales.  We have been returning to the same place for a number of years, getting to know the locals and the surrounding area.  The place where we stay is on the side of a hill.  There is nothing between the cottage and the hill on the other side of the valley.  We have experienced rain, fog, mist and, of course sun.  I was speaking to the farmers’ wife last night.  They are still suffering from the after effects of the last lot of snow when they were unable to get out of the farm for over three weeks.  During this time life has had to go on.  The sheep have had to be cared for, and as this is a mountain farm within the confines of the Snowdonia National Park, this is no mean feat.  Today I thought of them again.  I went into the kitchen and turned on the tap.  This might seem a strange reminder – but they have no mains water.  Their water comes from a well that they had to dig.  Even this is a luxury that some places in the world would envy.

Thank you for water.